Here is the sound of the electric Ducati V21L on the track! | Video

With Energetic as the only company committed to the development of racing motorcycles for the MotoE Championshipthe announcement that Ducati he would replace him soon after. Ducati, in fact, has none on the list yet electric motorcyclebut a few months ago he surprised everyone by showing a prototype that was already in an advanced stage, and ready for the track for the first tests.

So far we have only seen photos, but now, about 4 months after the last announcements, we also have a first video. In reality, it is not known if this is an institutional video, or intended only for industrial partners, because, after appearing on the official YouTube channel, it was made “private” a few hours later.

Luckily for us, as is often the case, other specialty channels wasted no time downloading it and reposting it:

So let’s see the V21L, this is the name under development, to approach the curves of the Misano Adriatica circuit, and for the first time we can appreciate its sound. in fact, it is widely believed that electric racing vehicles do not make noise, but in reality it is sounds whose frequencies are often muffled by television microphonesand instead sound absolutely recognizable and engaging.

Precisely because the new video has not been officially presented, we have no further news, and so far the specifications of the bike remain unknown. Ducati has openly stated that it wants to work a lot on the distribution of the masses, and on the possibility of lightening the biketo provide riders with an easy-to-drive vehicle, despite the battery’s impact on driving.