Here’s Andromeda OS in use: Microsoft’s operating system that never saw the light of day

Before jumping on the Surface Duo, based on the Android operating system, Microsoft was developing a Pocket Surface powered by a custom version of Windows. The device was known internally as Andromeda and has been reported several times by various sources, obviously in the form of rumors. Years after these leaks, in the last few hours Andromeda operating system Shown working on a Lumia 950.

published by Windows Centralthe video shows how Microsoft was about to launch a successor to its Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Andromeda operating system it was clearly not meant to run on the Lumia 950, but at the time engineers were using the available devices for early testing, as they didn’t yet have working dual-screen prototypes. The one shown by the source is an embryonic version of an operating system designed, in fact, to be installed on a dual-screen smartphone.

Andromeda OS first shown on video, years after it was canceled

The design of the software is clearly inspired by the stylistic canons of Windows 10 Mobile, while one of the differences with the latter is the possibility of using the lock screen as if it were a leaf to take notes and notes without the need to launch a dedicated application. . There are also some components reminiscent of implementations we’ve seen on the Surface Duo before, like gestures or support for the typical dual-window interface of dual-screen devices, but the vast majority of interface elements user calls back Windows Phone.

What we see in the video a piece of history that never came to fruition: Microsoft believed in Andromeda and developed it with a proprietary operating system, only to then offer a similar concept in terms of hardware but based on the Android operating system. The Surface Duo came out and was basically a commercial flop, and its successor doesn’t seem to be doing much better. The company also announced the Surface Neo, an oversized dual-screen device running Windows 10X, but plans with the operating system have also been canceled.

Now the company is focusing on Windows 11, giving third-party companies the ability to leverage it for dual-screen or foldable devices. Sectors which, to date, have not yet been welcomed too warmly by the public.

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