Hideo Kojima celebrates virtual photography: “a new art form”

Hideo Kojima, famous author of Death stranding and the saga of Solid metal gearrecently expressed his opinion on the virtual photography in video games, defining activity as a new artistic expression.

Virtual photography is obviously nothing new and existed long before Hideo Kojima dedicated a tweet to it, his message should rather be read in view of the fact that more and more people are trying their hand at this profession in video games and, conversely, more and more video games integrate a photo mode within them, gradually confirming the artistic value and popularity of photographic activity in virtual environments: “Recently more and more people have become in-game photographers. I thought this might be a new art form.

Some Twitter users responded to her with their own snaps, while others started joking about the value of a virtual photo. Hideo Kojima then explained in detail the motivation that led him to such a statement, also highlighting the capacity that this activity can reflect on the real capacities of people: “There are still people who don’t care that you take virtual photos in a game. If you keep taking photos, even in-game, your sensitivity and skill will naturally improve.. Composition, arrangement, focus, etc. The most important thing is that you know what you want to photograph. After that, in-game experience will surely come in handy when shooting with a real camera or smartphone. “

Hideo Kojima’s statements about virtual photography are certainly not surprising. Recently Kojima Productions, its development house, brought a gameplay trailer of the edition to Gamescom 2021 Death Stranding Director’s Cup which has new filters and elements for photo mode, as well as a lot of other in-game content. We have told you in detail about the PS5 exclusivity in this article, although some in the editorial staff have reservations about this re-release of the game. .

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