High-end Intel Arc, a test seems to confirm the predictions: at the level of the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti

In a gaming video card market devastated by shortages and price-spiking miner purchases, many enthusiasts are looking to enter the gaming industry. information as a possible return to normal.

intel arc alchemist leak 3 30 10 202

Certainly legitimate hopes, but perhaps misplaced, because gaming GPUs are produced by TSMC and are subject to the supply chain involving AMD and NVIDIA. Hoping we are wrong, the other element of expectation is the performance: In general, if competition is strong, consumers benefit.

So far, all the rumors that have emerged over these long months of waiting, interrupted by Intel only to tell us roughly about the architecture of the new GPUs, have brought us a rather clear picture, with Intel who would ready to offer peak performance between RTX 3070 and RTX 3080where NVIDIA placed itself last summer RTX-3070Ti.

intel arc alchemist leak 4 30 10 202

To corroborate these rumors, there is a test, appeared in the SiSoftware Sandra databasereferring precisely to the high end, a card that should have one Alchemist GPU with 512 EUs and 16 GB of GDDR6 memory on 256-bit bus. The TDP should increase to 225W according to insiders.

Tested on a platform with a Coffee Lake CPU, the card is slightly ahead of the RTX 3070 Ti in some tests, while in others it falls short. The overall “score” sees the Intel solution at 9017.52 Mpix/s, 7.7% more than the 8369.51 Mpix/s let yourself be marked by NVIDIA’s proposal.

intel arc top sandra 21 01 2022

It may not be a coincidence that NVIDIA has been rumored on several occasions about to introduce an RTX 3070 Ti with double the memory, thus increasing from 8 to 16 GB. Obviously, although interesting, the test is to be taken with a little caution, since there are several obscure points: we do not know if the indicated frequency of 2.1 GHz is true or not, moreover we must not forget the impact of the drivers. For the time being, however, the performance target indicated by the rumors so far seems confirmed, but if Intel were to be able to do better, we certainly wouldn’t complain.

There is still no clarity on the output of dedicated Intel Arc video cards. At CES 2022, Intel said mobile and desktop GPUs were shipping to OEMs for a Q1 debut. However, it is unclear whether this also applies to the retail market.

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