Hitman 3 heavily criticized on Steam, developers apologize and offer free content

The Hitman 3 debuts on Steam it didn’t go as IO Interactive expected. The game, arrived on the Valve store on January 20, exactly one year after its Epic Games Store debut, it received harsh criticism from players for several reasons.

First the price of € 59.99, the same practiced on the Epic Games Store, considered erroneous by Steam players because practiced a year after the actual release. Moreover, the entire trilogy has arrived on Game Pass at no additional cost, which further annoyed the Steam user.

Secondly, the poor quality VR version. Another sticking point with the Steam user focuses on various game editions and add-ons (Standard, Deluxe, Seven Deadly Sins Collection, Trilogy, Trilogy + Premium Add-Ons, Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 2 Gold), deemed too numerous and confusing.

hitman 3 steam 28 01 2022

Hitman 3’s Steam Launch Didn’t Go As Planned. We were excited to bring Hitman 3 to Steam with new content and knew the levels of anticipation and excitement among our players were high, especially since the game had been an Epic exclusive for a year,” wrote developers on the dedicated page.We did not meet our expectations regarding the experience at launch e We don’t like our Steam community starting their Hitman 3 journey like this“.

Thus, the developers carried the classic olive branch. “Anyone who has previously purchased Hitman 3 on Steam, or anyone who purchased the game through February 19, 2022, will receive a free updateNotably, those who purchased the Standard Edition will receive the Deluxe Edition for free, while those who purchased the Deluxe or Hitman Trilogy Edition will receive an upgrade to the Seven Deadly Sins Collection. The upgrade process, which started yesterday, is fully automatic: Simply launch your copy of the game to see the free content among those available.