Horizon Forbidden West is going gold, here’s how much space it will take up on PS5

The expectation of Forbidden Horizon West coming to an end. Zero Dawn sequel in development at Guerrillas has officially entered the gold phase: the game will no longer be postponed and, as expected, will arrive on February 18 on PS4 and PS5. The announcement was made by the Dutch studio, which celebrates this milestone by showing the game in action on PlayStation 4 for the first time. In the meantime, the first details on the size of the installation file are leaking on the net.

Forbidden West reaches Gold level, but what does it look like on PS4?

Originally scheduled for late 2021, Horizon Forbidden West it had been postponed to February 2022 to allow the developers of Guerrilla to complete the work on the most ambitious game ever made by the Amsterdam team. A few extra months proved to be invaluable and allowed the developer to reach the gold phase three weeks before the scheduled worldwide launch on February 18. So the game ready to broadcast.

Angie Smetstudio director and executive producer, celebrated this achievement developer Horizon Forbidden West first gameplay recorded on PS4 Pro. It is recalled that, until now, all the extrapolated demos of Aloy’s new adventure had been captured on PlayStation 5, which raised many concerns among owners of the “old-gen” console. Guerrilla reassures the millions of PS4 players by presenting an amazing game, which from a purely graphical point of view it has nothing to envy to its next-gen counterpart.

“Whether you’re playing on your PS4 or PS5 console, our team made sure that may you enjoy the best gaming experience on all platforms”reiterated Smets, recalling that the game will arrive on both consoles on February 18, 2022.

Speaking specifically of the version playstation5, on Twitter first information about Dimensions of Horizon Forbidden West. Apparently, the Sony exclusive won’t be one of the “lightest” titles in the PS5 library: in the version available at launch (v01.002.000), Forbidden West will weigh well 97 GB. Curiously, the US and Japanese versions will take up less space on the SSD – 86.6 GB and 82.8 GB respectively. In short, users would do well to free up some space in preparation for the launch.

Another highly anticipated title that entered the gold phase a few hours ago. Let’s talk about Ring of Eldenwhich will accompany the launch of Horizon which is making its debut on February 25 on consoles and PC.