how all in one data recovery tool works

Almost always the deleted data recovery accidentally, or lost due to a system crash, virus or at the end of the formatting process, requires the paid intervention of specialized people, which translates into the assistance of the PC.

However, there is a workaround: 4DDiG is the all-in-one tool designed by Tenorshare for data recovery from PC, USB drive or SD card. Available for Windows PC and Mac, it can restore over 1000 different file formats including photos, documents, videos, audios and system files.

In this guide we will show you how does Tenorshare’s 4DDiG program work to recover all lost or corrupted files.

Note: for our test, we used the 4DDiG software on board a Surface Laptop 4 with the Windows 11 operating system.

Downloading the 4DDiG software

4ddig Windows Data Recovery Download

First you need to download the 4DDiG software from Tenorshare official websitefrom the link just indicated and press the button “Free download”.

The site automatically recognizes the operating system being used, so if you are using a Windows PC it will show you the Windows version download, if you have a Mac instead the macOS compatible version of the program will be made available. Once the download has started, the installation procedure takes at most a few minutes.

4DDiG: How to recover deleted data from local disk

Now let’s analyze how to recover lost data from local disk with Tenorshare 4DDiG.

  1. Start 4DDiG and from the main screen select the local disk.

4ddig Select local disk

  1. Now choose the file type you want to recover. By default, the software selects photos, videos, documents, audio and other file types, excluding only system files.

4ddig file to recover

  1. Push the button “Scan selected file types” to start searching for previously lost files on the local disk and wait for the operation to complete.

4ddig scans lost files from local drive

  1. Accidentally deleted documents are in the folder “Deleted Files”.

Files deleted from 4ddig folder

  1. Double click on the folder “Deleted Files”select folder “Users”now choose the folder “Audience” or the one referring to your user name, then select all the folders from which you want to recover files and choose one by one the documents previously deleted by mistake and which you now intend to restore.

4ddig Select Deleted Files

  1. When you are done selecting, click the button “Recovery” at the bottom right to launch the procedure for restoring one or more files.

4ddig Deleted File Recovery

  1. Choose the path where you want to save the recovered files. The program recommends not keeping the restored documents in the same partition as before.

4ddig Select path

  1. Once you have chosen the path, press up again “Recovery” to complete the procedure.

4ddig Recovery

  1. The operation takes a few seconds. Once complete, a small screen will confirm successful recovery.

4ddig recovery complete

Note: the 4DDiG program automatically creates a new folder with the name of the program and the file recovery date in the location chosen during the recovery procedure.

4DDiG: How to recover deleted data from a USB flash drive

Tenorshare’s 4DDiG tool also allows recover deleted data from usb drive. Here is the step by step procedure to perform.

  1. Launch the 4DDiG program and from the main screen select the USB drive under the header “Outdoor Workouts”.

4ddig external units

  1. Choose the type of file you want to recover, then press “Scan selected file types”. By default, all files except system files are selected.

4ddig file to recover

  1. During the scan, the screen will keep you informed of the number of files found and the destination folders. In the named “Deleted Files” there is a high chance of finding previously deleted documents by mistake.

Scan files from 4ddig external drive

  1. To understand the effectiveness of DDiG just show the screenshot below: thanks to this program it is possible to recover files deleted more than 8 years ago by a procedure accessible to all.

4ddig deleted files 2015

  1. Now select the files you want to restore then press the button “Recovery” at the bottom right, select the path where you want to keep the file and click again “Recovery”.

4ddig file recovery from external drive

  1. Once the file has been retrieved, you will receive notification from “Recovery complete”.

4ddig USB Flash Drive File Recovery Completed

4DDiG: how to restore corrupt photos

In addition to the data recovery function, the 4DDiG software also integrates the tool to restore corrupted photos, i.e. images that can no longer be opened. The option to use is “Fix photos that cannot be opened”, located in the left column of the main program screen. Here’s how.

  1. Lancia 4DDiG and lower “Advanced Recovery” press up “Fix photos that cannot be opened”.

4ddig Fix Unable to Open Photos

  1. In the new screen that opens, select “Begin”.

4ddig Repair Unopenable Photos Start

  1. Press up “Click to add photos” and upload the image that you can’t see properly.

4ddig Click to add photos

  1. Once your photo has been uploaded, click the button “Repair” located at the bottom right.

4ddig repair photos not opening
4ddig Successful Photo Repair

  1. After a few seconds, the screen appears “Successful Repair” which will confirm the success of the operation. To open the photo, simply select the button “Show repair results”.

4ddig Successful Photo Repair

  1. In the new screen, you can see the photo which is no longer corrupted and choose to repair other media files or export the newly repaired image to a new folder respectively through the options “Reselect photos to repair” and “Export”.

4ddig Fix exporting photos not opening

Note: The same operation can also be performed for videos.


It is time for final considerations. In our test, Tenorshare’s 4DDiG software did its job very well, allowing us to recover previously deleted files from both local and external drives. in addition toefficiency of Tenorshare’s all-in-one solution, we appreciated theclear and simple interface to use, within reach even of those who have no computer knowledge.

We would like to recommend it to anyone who needs to recover an old file that was mistakenly deleted or lost due to improper formatting, or open a corrupted photo or video.

Available as a free download, the full version of DDiG for Windows is available in three packages: 1 month license at €45.99, 1 year license at €69.99 and lifetime license at €99.99. VAT must be added to the prices shown above. When you are in the basket, use the promo code 2023FESTADDIG to enjoy an additional 30% discount.