How do I delete or remove devices from my Telmex Wi-Fi network?

For those who have contracted Internet service, it is important that they fully understand how it works. For this reason, today we will bring you information about how to remove devices from my Telmex wifi network, so stay and find out more.


How do I remove devices from my Telmex Wi-Fi network?

Telmex is a Mexican telecommunications company that is primarily responsible for offering landline telephony and the Internet, in addition to this, it has over 300,000 km of optical fiber in the country, in addition to submarine cable connections with 39 country.

This company is one of the largest in Mexico, because as it has been observed, despite the offer of two services, the infrastructure at its disposal allows it to function as an Internet operator, thanks to agreements with d ‘other smaller businesses.

It is characterized by the offer of quality services, the Internet has excellent browsing speed and its telephony is one of the best, in addition to having one of the lowest costs on the market for the branch. .

However, today we are going to focus the information in this article on how to remove devices from my Telmex Wi-Fi network, along with other additional details that we will place in the following sections.

Remove connected devices

For those who have Telmex Wifi at home, there is the possibility to change the password, the name of the network, to see which devices are connected as well as to eliminate them. To perform this last procedure, there are a series of guidelines to follow.

This way, you will be able to remove devices from your Wi-Fi that for whatever reason are connected to it, thus preventing the connection from getting a little heavier.

Want to know how to remove devices from my Telmex Wi-Fi network, follow the instructions below:

1.To start, you have to open the browser of your choice, in the search bar, you will have to enter the following IP address this from any device and of course from the comfort of your home.

2.When you enter it, the system will open the control panel, where you will be asked to enter a username and password, in two blank spaces there. In the same order, you have to put “Telmex” with the password, which should be the numbers with which you connect wirelessly on any computer.

This number is located under the wireless modem next to the word WPA.

3.Once connected, you will see on the screen, in the state of the modem connection, in turn, on the left side, a menu, in which you can choose between different options. Here you have to choose the one that says STATUS and after that another option that says CONNECTED DEVICES.

This is where you will observe all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and this is where you will eliminate them, which we will explain in the next steps.

Four. After checking which and how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, the screen will display a menu where the connection types will be displayed, Ethernet or wireless, as well as the number of computers in each of these two measurements. .

In addition to that, a table should be displayed at the bottom with a list of each of those devices there, detailing: connection type, name, IP address, physical address, IP assignment and the possibility of being deleted. This is where you need to click on the option TO DELETE.



After showing how to delete all the devices connected to my modem, now we will give some suggestions when performing this series of procedures. Well, there are certain limits that should not be exceeded as it can affect the device, among others.

Before carrying out the process of erasing the network of any modem or Wi-Fi router, it is necessary to verify that it is identified and that it does not belong to any equipment that belongs to one of yours, or that you just want to stay connected.

This is due to the spontaneity of this process, because the column where the name is located will indicate what type of device it is, whether it is a mobile, a PC, a tablet. , among others. Despite this, depending on the device, it can become difficult, as some only display the MAC address.

To facilitate this procedure, you need to know how many computers are connected to your Wi-Fi network, after that count them and if there are any left, delete it immediately and then proceed with the elimination of the old word. outmoded.

How do I change my WiFi password?

Already know how disconnect devices from my modemNow it is important to take into account the next step, changing the password, so that the computer you have eliminated no longer has access to your Internet. Here we will give a brief explanation.

Once you are inside the control panel you have to go to the menu, there you have to choose the option REPORT, from there the submenu Wireless, where you will find several alternatives ranging from changing your password to changing your network name.

While reconnecting to your devices’ network can be a bit of a tedious process, it is necessary to do so, especially when your internet is compromised or even when you have never changed the password. In addition to this, two other aspects should be checked.

The first aspect, in the option “Encryption mode“” WPA / WPA2 Personal “is selected. In this one, the Corporate alternative or the WEP option cannot appear, let alone” Open “, while the second must be” WPA Version “and in the latter l The option that should be enabled is “WPA1 / WPA2”.

This is because there will be devices that will not connect with some of the versions, this indicates that having both there are very unlikely to be any connectivity issues.

Verify Password Change

When changing the password, it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations when creating it. This, in order to avoid the hacking of many cyber-hackers who search for vulnerable networks.

It will also prevent 95% of the programs used to decrypt keys (very common among neighbors) from unlocking the password you set, thus protecting you from brute force attacks or some more advanced attacks. The only thing you need to be careful about is losing it, because in this case the procedure is a little more difficult.

Tips for the key

For all the reasons we discussed above, it is important that you follow certain recommendations when creating your key. First of all, try to make 8-15 digits. Then mix as much as possible to link upper case letters, lower case letters, special characters and numbers, for a good combination.


Another important thing, do not put any information in connection with personal data when changing the password, this can facilitate the work of Internet hackers. You can put, for example, the name of your favorite music group or singer.

Modem limitations

It also usually happens that when you want to connect another device to the Wi-Fi modem, it does not allow it and you probably think it is a setup problem, but it is not, says disadvantage, it is not about this procedure.

Keep in mind that although all or the vast majority of modems operate virtually under the same system in terms of providing Internet and Wi-Fi signal. There are countless numbers of models and, therefore, each brand has its own particularity. .

There are some who, for example, accept a greater or lesser number of connected devices, others on the other hand only accept a few and this is the reason why it does not allow you to add one of them. more. This should be checked when purchasing the device, on the control panel or even in the instruction manual.

So, it is recommended that if this happens to you, check that the number of connected devices is supported by the modem, especially if your family consists of many people, because as mentioned above each device works with a number. limited viewers.

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