How do I know my Movistar number?This concern is generally quite common in the various forums that are developed at the Internet level. Such concern arises at the time personal telephone data is requested, with the intention of receiving calls or text messages.


How do I know my Movistar number?

There are specific situations, which are of such importance in relation to how do i know the number of my Movistar chip?, this can mainly be done via a call from an acquaintance, he must have the possibility to make a backup on the phone, immediately and directly from the screen.

However, we have to see another important aspect, this gives us a question, what if there is no user or phone nearby, it is urgent that we know the number by Movistar? The purpose of this article is to introduce the reader to each point under development. For the above, we’ll outline the process for doing it in a way that doesn’t affect the country where you reside.

How do I know my Movistar number without balance?

In this case, the procedure similar to that mentioned at the beginning of the article should be followed, i.e. it will be necessary to have someone close by with your telephone equipment, to make a call to our number and thus protect this, another option is to send an SMS message to another user. The above can be done with a positive balance, otherwise it would be null and void.

However, as we mentioned earlier, our ideology is that the reader acquires the necessary and clear knowledge of each point developed, so we will outline the steps to be taken, if there is a need to how to find my Movistar phone number to Argentina or in any country where you reside.


How do I find out my Movistar number in other countries?

In the case of a number Movistar from Chile, the process is quite fast and simple, it will be enough to carry out the procedure, entering the corresponding application, for this we will dial the code * # 62 #, immediately press the call key and as a final step it s ‘display on the screen of the equipment that it is assigned to the chip.

Next, we outline the procedure to follow to find out the Movistar network phone number in case of residence in Colombia:

  • In this case, a code will be automatically executed, which we can visualize on the screen of the equipment, which consists of ten digits, this is the number assigned by Movistar.

In Ecuador

No user is safe from forgetting their phone number at all times, in the case of citizens of Ecuador it is the same way, from which they are not exempt. When this is the case, certain steps need to be applied, in order to know the aforementioned data in a very short period of time. Here are the parameters to respect:

  • First, we have to dial the code * 100 # from the cell phone itself, then press the key or the call symbol. After that we will see the options menu appear on the screen, on which the number 4 will be chosen.
  • Next, we will see a menu offering some options related to the process to be performed on the line, then we must choose the item 3, which bears the name “My mobile phone number”, automatically, it can be displayed on the screen of the mobile device. .


In El Salvador

In the event that I reside in the Republic of El Salvador, the question may arise, how can I find my Movistar number?

  • Regarding the call or phone tool, we will have to enter the code * 686 # and later make the call, it will be necessary to give a waiting time, in order to proceed with the execution of the term placed, and we will be able to visualize on the screen the number of Movistar.

If you have a residence in Guatemala, the process of taking into account the Movistar number without needing to have a balance is very simple and easy than you might think. We must indicate that as in El Salvador, you will only have to call * 686 #, in order to display the respective phone number on the screen.

In Mexico

Another of the countries where such a possibility is offered, is precisely Mexico, for the purpose of knowing the Movistar number, without having a balance, the following steps must be followed:

  • It will be necessary to dial the code * 102 # and later we will press the call key, this code must be processed and we will have the possibility to display some of the options in the menu, we will have to select the number 4, in a last one step, we will give a waiting time for an SMS to reach you, specifying the number of the assigned line.
  • In the event that it is the user’s preference, that the procedure is carried out more quickly and that the step linked to the menu is ignored, the code * 102 # 4 # will have to be dialed directly then one proceeds to make the call. As above, an SMS will be received indicating the assigned Movistar number.


Regarding users in Panama, the procedure to find out what is the assigned line number, we will have to follow some steps, which are as follows:

  • At the beginning of the process, we will dial * 235 # from the call tool, then press the call key, after that and automatically it will be possible to see on the phone screen itself, the line number that has been assigned.

In venezuela

Likewise, the procedure is given for users residing in Venezuela, in order to know the number assigned by Movistar, this with the exception of not having a balance, with respect to such a point, two extremely simple steps are taken, which are:

  • You will have to dial * # 62 # and like the previous steps, there must be a waiting time, until the corresponding and assigned line is displayed on the screen of the cellular equipment.


In this way, we have come to the end of the article with reference, we observe the different existing alternatives, with the aim of answering the question of how to know the chip or line number of Movistar. For these purposes, certain steps are mentioned in connection with such a procedure.

Likewise, the option of applying the process to certain countries such as: Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and El Salvador stands out. In relation to this, we observe that said procedure is not difficult at all, on the contrary, it is remarkably easy and simple.

It is particularly interesting to see that for one of the procedures already mentioned, they are based on the possibility of making a call and giving a waiting time, with the aim that the corresponding message arrives, thus indicating the number assigned by Movistar company, thus becoming a fairly quick and easy procedure for any user.

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