In Mexico there is a company with many years of activity in the telecommunications industry and for this reason it has great prestige in the country; Many have had telephone lines with the company, it is possible that at some point the customer has left SIM aside and after a long time wants to take it back. This article will talk about how do i know my Telcel number, then activate communication.


How do I know my Telcel number?

Telcel is a Mexican telecommunications company, one of the leading in its field; for having been in the market for so long, many have had a mobile line with the company. So, it is possible that someone is thinking of resuming membership, but wondering how to find out my number.

For this reason, this article has been made giving all the information of how do i know my Telcel mobile number, in a simple way and does not take a lot of time. Also those who are interested in backing up or restoring an old CHIP, here are some suggestions on how to recall from this line.

Data of interest

Telcel, which is part of the Mexican business consortium called América Móvil, is a multinational with offices in some eighteen Latin American countries and also in eight European countries. Among the main companies are:

  • US Tracfone Wireless (OMV).
  • Telcel América, Mexico.
  • Of course, the company which is located in almost all Latin American countries.

How to find out my Telcel phone numberThis is a question asked by customers who want to reactivate the line with the company. Where they can communicate with anyone with a mobile or residential account in the country or in another part of the planet.

Telcel mobile phone numbers have a prefix that distinguishes the area they are calling or identifies the NIR regions from which the SIM card was acquired; In other words, if the user made the purchase from Veracruz, the number 229 is placed before the serial number granted by the operator.

Some of the NIR codes for some sectors include:

  • Aguas Calientes – 449
  • Acapulco – 744
  • Campeche – 981
  • Chihuahua – 614
  • Town of Obregon – 644
  • Guadalajara – 33
  • Mexico DF – 55
  • Pachuca de Soto – 771
  • Tecate – 665
  • Tijuana – 664
  • Zacatecas – 492

When calls are made outside of Mexico to a Telcel mobile in the country, you must enter the serial number or the LADA (Automatic Long Distance) number, the one assigned for this territory is +52.


To know what my mobile or home Telcel number looks like, it is a simple technique to perform, so in the following, the different ways to achieve the goal will be explained:

First procedure: call and receive a text message

Among all the processes that will be explained below, it is the easiest to find out what the Telcel mobile number is. You just have to call the central and automatically the necessary data will arrive:

  1. To start, you need to insert the SIM into the slot of the CHIP holder and turn on the mobile.
  2. You must type * “62“And tap on the call option.
  3. After one minute, the caller will receive the SMS, with the response from the mobile line number.

Second procedure: Sending an SMS without balance

How to find out my unpaid Telcel numberIn this case, the applicant can write a chargeable text at the destination. Here, the amount of the message will be paid by the owner of the phone that sent the SMS; although that will happen if you decide to accept it.

It is not necessary to accept the text to find out which number issued it, so there is no commitment to pay from either party. To run the process, it is explained below:

  1. First, the SIM card must be placed in the mobile device and turned on.
  2. It is entered in the text messaging.
  3. The Telcel number is chosen where the message will be sent to the destination. It is suggested that the two lines are close.
  4. The text is sent by placing the prefix 033 to the number of the line to be dialed or to send the message.
  5. Immediately, the mobile will receive the message from the other Smartphone.

To note: the procedure can be used on inactive Telcel lines.

Third procedure: make a call without pay

In the same way as it happens with the procedure of how to know my Telcel number when sending an SMS without money available, the operator also has the possibility of authorizing a call without balance or charges to the destination .


When using the destination charge, it should be remembered that the charge is charged to whoever answers the dialing, only if the person presses the answer key.

  • Make a call to a Telcel phone number of someone nearby, placing the number 033 as the prefix of the phone to be dialed.
  • Then an automated system responds and will respond by saying:

Welcome to Telcel’s collection service, please do not hang up while we finish your call, it may take a few seconds”.

  • Then the process continues to send the call to the selected person. It is valid not to answer, it is important that the telephone number is reflected. If you decide to respond, this is when Telcel charges the corresponding fees.

Fourth procedure: send or call with the available balance

The last procedure which will be explained is simple to know how to know my Telcel number. It is enough to send an SMS, WhatsApp or simply to call someone who can then tell you what were the digits of the telephone line; it is suggested that it be nearby.

To note: In addition to using all these techniques, you should know that nowadays every mobile smartphone has a function at its disposal where it displays on the screen the number of the SIM which is inserted in the device.


Activate a Telcel SIM

The mobile operator offers the customer the possibility of activating the SIM card easily and in a short time. There are three ways, the user selects the one he prefers. One is to go through the webpage, make a call and finally send an SMS.

Anyone who has a forgotten SIM card and wishes to reactivate it, it is recommended to follow the information indicated below and they can immediately reuse their Telcel line.

By the net

  1. You must first place the SIM card in the telephone equipment and switch it on.
  2. Then you enter the official Telcel portal, press activate.
  3. It is filled in with the information requested in the activation questionnaire.
  4. After doing all this procedure, you need to wait about sixty minutes and check that the line is working.


Activate by SMS

  • After placing the SIM card and switching on the phone.
  • You must send an SMS to 4848 with the word “high”, In addition, the name and surname are indicated, as well as the day, month and year of birth. In this way:
    • ALTA.PEDRO. PEREZ.DIAZ. 13/08/1976.
  • In addition, the characters ALTA can be placed next to the eighteen letters of CURP.
  • After sending the SMS, the money can be deposited on the phone number.

Phone call

  1. Enter the chip into the device and it will turn on.
  2. A call is made to the customer service of the cell phone operator (1-800-220-9518), using another phone account and performing the steps that are dictated by that means.
  3. All required data must be attached. Finally, the clerk will ask the user to dial a number to verify that the line is active successfully.

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