How Google Search works: the official guide

The search engine has updated its How Search Works site, a resource that explains how Google search works.

google fonctionnement recherche

Learn more about how Google search works. © – Thaspol

How research works, an educational and comprehensive resource

Google just announced the restyling of its website dedicated to the functioning of the search: How the search works. Created in 2016, this web portal explains the research process “From the moment you start typing in the search bar, until the moment you get the search results”, Google spokesman Danny Sullivan explains.

The site includes several sections and collects explanations on SEO accessible to everyone, even newbies. You will find information such as:

  • the general presentation of how Google search works,
  • the process of exploration and indexing of the information contained in the web pages,
  • how search algorithms work and the main factors that determine the results returned for a query
  • an argument “Helpful Answers”, detailing the different request formats.

Another plus: The How Search Works site is updated annually and strives to present the latest data on the subject. Thus, in 2020, more than 383,605 quality tests of the research results were carried out, with evaluators and users in real situations. As a result, Google made 3,620 improvements to the search process last year.

Google provides other tools for understanding search

In addition to its portal site dedicated to the functioning of queries on its search engine, Google offers various sources of information that address this topic:

  • Research Center, a resource designed to help companies, developers and SEOs improve website SEO. The documentation is complete and the site offers case studies to concretely explain how the research works and its benefits,
  • Google Trend, the tool that allows you to find out the popularity of a query on Google based on a geographical area, a time interval or even a type of result,
  • A series of short explanatory videos, which illustrate how Google search works,
  • An educational film lasting 58 minutes entitled “Trillions of questions, no easy answers”, which demonstrates the complexity of the research process and algorithm design.

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