How much does it cost to go to Mars? Elon Musk reveals the price of a SpaceX ticket

How much can a hypothetical flight cost March? He gave us the answer Elon Muskowner of Tesla and the aerospace company SpaceX. According to the entrepreneur ultra billionaire, a ticket to the red planet would cost around $100,000an amount that “almost anyone” could afford.


“If moving to Mars costs, for the sake of argument, $100,000, then I think almost anyone can work and save and eventually have $100,000 and be able to go to Mars if they want to.” anyone who wants to go there. “, musk said during an interview given at the conference efile.

Will we be able to live on Mars in the future?

Elon Musk wants to build a city autonomous and sustainable directly on Mars. Among the 175 presented, the project selected is that of ABIBOO Studio. The Martian capital will be called City of Nwain honor of the Chinese goddess, creator of humanity.

Two years ago, Musk said he would build over the next decade 1,000 SpaceX spacecraft bring up to 1 million people to Mars by 2050. According to the world’s richest man, the first human on Mars could land in 2029.