The Mexican company specializing in mobile phones provides its customers with a 4G technology network; where they provide assistance in SMS, communication in the country and abroad, mini-series, films and various social networks, among others; for this reason, we invite you to continue reading this article so that you know in a clear and simple way, how to activate CHIP Unefon.


How to activate CHIP UNEFON?

In Latin America there are a large number of companies dedicated to providing cell line services, one of them is Unefon, which is well known. It has a variety of benefits, with 4G technology, call communications, social media, mini-series, movies and more. That is why it is important to know how to activate CHIP.

Users who don’t know sorry Activate correctly a CHIP that they have inactive of Unefon, you can be sure that when you have finished reading the article, you will already be able to enjoy communication through this medium. Plus, we’ll explain how to join the right plan as needed. Be able to choose the rate of your preference.

First of all, it is important that the Unefon SIM is calibrated again in the device. Process that prioritizes formalization with the operator. It’s quick and easy, just follow the instructions without skipping any points.

Procedure for activation

  • It is scheduled from one to two days regularly, this is the time it takes for the system to activate the Unefon SIM.
  • After these hours or days, the SIM card is inserted in the device where the Unefon line will be used.
  • When the equipment is turned on, the numbering * 228 must be entered to perform the calibration. This is how the activation of the Unefon SIM begins.

  • When the operator responds, both are chosen from the options mentioned. And then the number 2 is again selected from the menu and with that the procedure is completed.
  • That’s it, with these instructions the user already has the SIM of the Unefon phone active, at the end it must be calibrated and only the configuration remains.

Register a bullet

To know how to activate a Unefon chip decommissioned; the card must be inserted into the slot of the Smartphone where the telephone line will be used. Performing this procedure ensures that the service is already active at the end.

  1. The first thing to do is to call back * 228.
  2. Among the options offered by the operator, the number four must be selected.
  3. Then you have to restart the computer by pressing the shutdown option and turning it on again, thus the procedure ends.

When CHIP has the controlling service, then the process is done differently. Regardless of whether the promotion is $ 40 or $ 200, the following instructions should always be followed:

  1. Enter the CHIP in the equipment where the telephone line will be used.
  2. * 100 is dialed.
  3. Alternate number “0” is pressed.
  4. Finally, the equipment is switched off and on.


After recalibration and adjustments, the CHIP will be ready for use. The whole procedure is extremely simple. The time it takes is no more than five minutes.


Then, the different packages offered by the Unefon company are presented after having learned how to activate the CHIP, the user selects the package that corresponds to his needs.

Unlimited refills. It’s a scheme that when you pay $ 10 you get a variety of benefits for twenty-four hours. What:

  • Navigate without limits.
  • Free calls.
  • Sending SMS.
  • And use the data for social networks.

Schedule by seconds. It is a plan that only pays for what is consumed in the month. It has one of the best rates of seconds to call, compared to others. The cost is $ 0.0142.

Plan of control. Package where payments are made weekly, paying in several parts. The price is in the range of $ 40 to $ 200; among the advantages it has are:

  • Send a text message.
  • Call without limits.
  • Reload data when you need it.


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