How to activate Windows 10 and Windows 11?

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Activate Windows 10 Where Windows 11 or in any case making sure to activate the operating system is essential: indeed, without performing this operation we would not be able to fully use the operating system.

In fact, many settings are only enabled if the system is properly licensed and activated.

What should you watch out for?

In this way it is necessary to have a valid license, in this regard we recommend that you pay attention to overpriced licenses little, often, we may come across licenses that are not fully valid or legal.

Another aspect to consider is the type of license we have or want to buy, in fact not all Windows licenses are the same.

There are several types of licenses and they are:

  • licenses OEM that can be found pre-installed in most systems currently on the market (laptops, branded desktop PCs, etc.)
  • the RETAIL SELLING or those we buy directly from stores or resellers
  • volume licenses or MAK used exclusively in a commercial environment.
  • finally there are the ESD licenses, which are mainly those that can be found for sale online on Amazon or other retail shores.

In this article we have talked in depth about these types of licenses.

To check the type of license currently used in our system, it is necessary to use third-party tools or to use the tool SLMGR.VBS.

For extended use of the SLMGR.VBS tool, we have prepared a dedicated article.

After this necessary premise, let’s see how to activate Windows 10 And Windows 11.

How to activate Windows 10

If we took advantage of the free update (always at the time of Windows launch) we would have a digital license linked to our Microsoft account (currently it is still possible free upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8, provided you have a valid license).

Let’s see some methods needed to activate Windows 10 and Windows 11

Simple activation

Activate Windows 10 it’s a very simple operation, just do the following:

Of start open the Settings
Look for the entrance Updates and Security
Open entry Activation
Now if the system is NOT activated we will find the entry Repair, open it and follow the on-screen instructions

Activation from the command prompt

If despite everything the problem persists, we can try to activate the system from the command prompt or powershell as administrator, to do this:

press WIN + X> command prompt (or powershell) buttons as administrator

type slmgr.vbs / ipk

then type slmgr.vbs / ato

when done, restart the system

Activation by calling Microsoft customer service

If we fail to activate the license, we can choose the activation by phone where we have to call the toll free number 800 531042.

Now let’s see how to activate Windows 11

How to activate Windows 11

The procedure is very simple, obviously since Windows 11 is completely renewed under the aspect of the settings, it will change the way.

How to activate Windows 10 and Windows 11?

Activate Windows 11 it will be necessary to follow this path:

  • of Start open the Settings
  • of System search article Activation
  • again, if the system is NOT activated, we will find the article Repair, open to follow the on-screen instructions

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