How to add Bluetooth to an audio device that doesn’t have it

This article will talk about a product similar to the one we reviewed in 2019, but it offers something more.

Bluetooth transceiver
Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter and receiver
Bluetooth adapter

The tool you see in the photo is amazing. It has special functions, but there are some flaws.

Package contents

In the package we will find, in addition to this Bluetooth adapter, a stereo audio cable and a stereo adapter, particularly useful in the car. There is also a small manual written in English and Chinese.

Transmission and reception – Sound quality

This device can transmit or receive sound via Bluetooth. In the official description on Amazon we also talk about WiFi, but it seems that there is no function that allows you to recognize a network of this type. This is probably a translation error by the seller.

With the Bluetooth version being the most recent, namely the 5, one would expect high quality. Unfortunately, however, the sound arrives distorted, making it impossible to listen to music. However, when it comes to TV programs or videos in general, the quality is acceptable. Even though the sound is stereo, the unit is apparently looking for central (monophonic) sounds.

Too bad, because on the device it is clearly written: “Wireless Music”.

The device can communicate without problem even if there are no walls that are too thick. Not all Bluetooth devices are this powerful.

Solutions to distorted sound

By testing the device, we found a solution to the distortion: lower the volume, while giving up the quality you are used to. Those who are used to listening to music with headphones will lift their ears (not just the nose). However, the dialogue comes crisp and the soundtracks can be heard.

Actually, there is a solution to the problem, and it would be very simple: use the keys + And -. Too bad, however, that the device we received does not work! According to the instructions, a quick press of these keys should adjust the volume. Holding them down, however, should skip to the next track (+) or the previous one (). The device left the factory with the volume set to maximum; the button it does not decrease it because it is faulty (it probably has not been connected to the internal motherboard).

USB for a thousand uses

The supplied microUSB-USB cable allows multiple uses:

1. Recharge the battery (the device continues to operate even while charging);

2. Connection to the PC.

This second use is interesting. Indeed, in addition to recharging the battery, it recognizes the device as a sound card. This then allows wireless functions (audio only) to be added to a PC not equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. You can both receive and transmit sound.

Among the many uses is the possibility of connecting to a smartphone, to an Echo Dot like Alexa, etc.

Of course, it cannot be used to connect non-audio devices (mouse, gamepad, etc.) to the PC.

The on / off button

Out of the box, this device could not connect to any bluetooth device because the battery was at zero. Charging it for an hour was enough to start using it.

The device is turned on by pressing and holding the central button. At this point, it immediately searches for Bluetooth devices and connects to the first available ones.

Disconnected from the network, the device should have an autonomy of 10 hours. Since it is designed for wireless, that is, remote listening, it is a shame that it lacks an automatic shutdown feature. In fact, it would be helpful if after being disconnected from a bluetooth device, it would automatically go to sleep instead of continuously searching. During the first 24 hours of use, not knowing that it lacks automatic power saving, we had to recharge it twice.

We suggested to the manufacturer to release a firmware which allows to activate the energy saving. Firmware can be easily installed through the USB connection.


We bought this product mainly for watching TV. We connected it to a receiver to transmit the sounds to the headphones.

Unfortunately, we have found it to be picky about compatibility. To connect expensive headphones with a Qualcomm audio chip, I Creative aberrant gold, it took 15 to 20 minutes of testing. With lower quality headphones it took less than 5 seconds. However, poor quality headphones should only be used in the absence of anything else, perhaps when good quality headphones have a low battery. Actually, if the quality is lower, the quality becomes bad when they connect to this device.

With the Aberrant gold we were able to follow the dialogue without a problem (although we had to turn down the volume from the source). In addition, they take a long time to be connected each time (luckily from the 3rd attempt the times dropped to around 1-2 minutes).


In this price range, we haven’t found any other device that can both receive and send audio through the Bluetooth 5.0 network. Even though the quality is proportional to its price, it allows you to transform both a wireless home and car audio system into something more modern and current. It won’t do miracles, but maybe it will make life easier.

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