How to block any app on iPhone

It may be necessary to to block access certain content or applications on your iPhone. To preserve their own privacy, this operation is quite feasible and very simple to perform. Indeed, by following a few steps, you will immediately be able to block any app on iPhone with FaceID or password. All you need is your smartphone and the app Orders, with which we will create an automation.

How to block any app on iPhone with Face ID or password

As mentioned earlier, the procedure to block apps on iPhone is a lot Easy and it won’t take you more than a few minutes.

  • Open the app Orders on your iPhone
application of commands
  • Click on Create your own automation
new automation
  • In the next screen, continue on Application
automation of change
  • Then press You choose to select all the apps you want to block
  • After selecting the apps, tap to finish, then on Go on
  • Then click on Add action
  • In the search bar, type Timer and press Start the timer
automation of change
  • Then tap the minute item and set the hour to a second, then click Go on
  • Disable option Ask before you run and press to finish
  • Then open the app Show and go to the section Timer
  • Tap the item Stopped and, scrolling the screen, select Stop playing

From this moment, each time you open the application that interests you, you will be asked to unblock your iPhone.

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