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The cost of developing an application is not easy to know, neither for potential customers nor for the programmers themselves. Each application requires different creation processes and therefore the price varies from project to project.

However, let’s try to find out the main problems and ask questions about the elements involved in the mobile development part such as:

  • Job;
  • Construction;
  • Difficulty of the project.


Depending on the amount of integrated services and manpower used in the enterprise, the cost of an application varies for each company / freelancer. This is because the development and analysis points of existing processes are variable. For this, some questions need to be answered in advance. Are they:

  • What kind of app do you need to log in or on which platform? For iPhone, Android or iPhone and Android?
  • What design will be applied to your app interface? Simple, personalized, web-like interface or won’t it have a defined design?
  • Will the application have an economic return? The options can be: free, free with advertising, paid or with in-app purchases.
  • Will the app need an integrated login system? For instance: social media and email, email only, social media only or don’t you need it?
  • Will the application be linked / integrated with any website?
  • Will it have an administrative panel to monitor application usage by administrators?
  • Will it be an e-commerce and will it have a shopping cart?
  • How will users use and interact with the app? Profiles, accounts.
  • Which languages ​​will be possible?
  • At what point is the project? Idea in creation, ready sketches, in development?
how to calculate the cost of an application

Types of work

  • Digital agencies: they develop apps and are linked to marketing and institutional relations.
  • Development teams: they rely on the collaboration of programmers who want to learn and improve to meet requests, usually in small teams.
  • Companies specializing in mobile development: they are a benchmark in performance, with a well-structured team and experience in software.
  • Freelancers: They usually have much lower prices than software companies, however, as they are mostly newbies, projects are more likely to have delivery issues.

Stages and times of development

In a team, all stages are based on the interaction of different people, which is why some steps take longer than others.

  • Design of the interface aimed at usability;
  • Systems analysis;
  • Development / Programming;
  • Database;
  • Test.

Development time varies depending on the size of the project and the amount of resources spent. A small application can take up to 4 months. On the other hand, large projects can take up to 1 year.


In relation to the price, the values ​​tend to fluctuate from 80 thousand to 300 thousand reais. In this sense, according to your needs, to get an idea of ​​the price, the website How much does an application cost calculate an estimated price for your app.

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