How to change Gmail password?

Email is now an essential element for everyone, but it is also a space that we must constantly protect to prevent others from having access to our personal information, and precisely the backup of all data associated with our email account is the reason why we need a password to use these types of services.

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Whether use google’s Gmail messaging service or any other similar, it is recommended in principle choose a password that cannot be compromised, that is, it contains as many numbers, letters and other symbols as possible, and of course it is not related to aspects of our life, such as a name, a birthday or the like.

Besides, it is advisable to change this password every certain period of time, because with her we get protect our email account possible cyber attacks, such as identity theft, which is currently on the increase.

Well, we will tell you what are the steps for change the password of our Gmail account without inconvenience.

Change your Gmail password

One of the concerns that initially arose around this question is Why should I change my Gmail password? The truth is that the reasons can be various, for example it can happen to us that let’s forget our current password and while performing the restore process, we are asked to change the password.

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However, beyond that, as we have already mentioned, it is recommended regularly change your Gmail password, because it will protect our account.

The same way we did when we create our Gmail account and we choose the most secure password possible, change current password you have to take the time to choose a new one that is really strong.

Among other things, to create the new Gmail password we must keep in mind that it is recommended that the same We do not use it for any other online service or any other email account, In addition, the ideal is that it is composed of a minimum of 8 characters, and at the same time that it is composed of letters, numbers and symbols, always avoiding including personal information.

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Therefore, before starting the procedure to change the Gmail password, It is advisable to prepare the new password that we are going to use, which must also be protected by various methods.

Step by step to change your Gmail password

Depending on where we are going change the Gmail password, We have to perform a series of steps to complete the process.

Here we explain how to change Gmail site password through the web browser we use on our computer, as well as from an Android device.

Change Gmail password from web browser on PC

Step 1

The first thing we are going to do is open the web browser that we usually use on our computer and direct us to the Gmail website.

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If we use the Inbox app, we can access the Gmail site from the link that the app has in the menu on its left side.

2nd step

Then we need to log in with the account in which we want to change the Gmail password.

Step 3

Once we meet in our Gmail account inbox, click the Account Settings button, located in the upper right corner of the screen and shaped like a gear.

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Step 4

With that, a menu will appear that offers us several options, and we have to click on the item “Setting”.

Step 5

This way a new page will be displayed where we will find different sections to modify the configuration of our Gmail account, and here we will go to the tab “Accounts and import”.

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Step 6

In this tab we will see that one of the first sections refers to questions related to the changes in the configuration of our account, being the first element “Change Password”, in which we must press.

Step 7

A new tab will appear in the web browser, where the system will ask us to enter our current password first. Then we have to click on the button “Next”.

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Step 8

Then a new page will appear in which we will be asked to let’s enter the new password we want to use for our Gmail account. Once we have entered it, we have to click on the button whose icon has the shape of an eye, in order that the system shows us the full password as as we write it, in order to avoid typing errors.

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Step 9

Then we will have to re-enter the chosen password which will change the old Gmail password to confirm it, after which all you have to do is press the button “Change Password”.

Step 10

Once we are done with all the aforementioned steps, we need to Start I reconnect to Gmail, which we can do through our computer’s web browser or from any device. In this opportunity we must enter our new Gmail password to access it.

Change Gmail password from Android

Step 1

On our Android device we go to the app “Google Settings”.

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2nd step

Once we have run this application we need to click on the section “Connection and security.”

Step 3

A new screen will appear in which we will find various elements related to security and access to our account, and there you have to click on the option “Change your password.”

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Step 4

take place Google’s secure page for password changes, and we will be asked to enter our current password, after which we click on the button “Next”.

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Step 5

Next we must enter the new password that we have chosen, which we will have to do twice to confirm it.

Step 6

All we have to do is push the button “Change Password”, so that the changes we made are saved.

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Step 7

Ultimately, we will have to reconnect to Google, via our Android device, this time using the new password we have designated.

Change Gmail password from Google account

As we well know, the Gmail messaging service is owned by Google, And as is the case with many products from the Google company, we can also use the user password that we use with our Google account to access it, including Gmail.

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For such reason, the Gmail password can be changed through our Google account, perform a series of simple steps, which we detail below.

Step 1

The first thing we need to do is from the web browser access our Google account, for which we go to the main Google page and from there we log in.

2nd step

Once we have entered our Google user account, click on the thumbnail of our profile picture, which is in the upper right sector of the window, and there we have to click on the button “Google account”.

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Step 3

A new window will appear in which we will find the different options for installation our Google user account. There we go to the list of sections which is in the left sector of the screen and click on the item “Security”.

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Step 4

In the window of “Security” from our google account we need to go to the section “Access to Google” and click on the article “Password”.

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Step 5

To access it, the system will ask us to reconnect by entering the password for our Google user account.

Step 6

In the next window we will have the possibility to enter the new password that we want to assign to use in Google, in Gmail and in the various services we use from Google.

Step 7

Once the new password has been entered, all you have to do is click on the button. “Change Password”.

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It should be noted that, as we mentioned, when changing the password in this way, not only we will change the Gmail password, but we will also do this in our Google user account, so this new password will be the one we need to use whenever we want to log into not only Google but other company services including YouTube, Google Drive , Play Store and so on.