A large number of users who are part of the different teleoperators in the world, worry that at any time they may run out of the respective amount on their computers. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about how to transfer Telcel balance to Movistar. We invite you to learn more about it.


How to transfer the Telcel balance to Movistar?

The depletion of the respective balance at a certain time tends to become a fairly common feature, which occurs several times due to the lack of care of the user himself or the total consumption of income. However, when we see that such an eventuality presents itself to our friends or family, it may already be possible to give them the appropriate help.

The company Telcel, he turns out to be one of the telemarketers who offers his subscribers spend the balance to another number of devices from the same company, as well as to those belonging to different companies, in this specific case we are referring to in Movistar.

To perform the balance transfer from a Telcel phone to a Movistar phone, it is not possible to use the Hobby tool. This is due to the fact that it can only be applied between the company’s own users, which does not allow it to be managed between other companies of this service.

However, it is important to note that there are other services available, which help to transfer the balance from Telcel to Movistar, without causing any inconvenience.

Telcel balance payment methods

The balance transfer procedure offers us a series of advantages when using personal cellular devices, due to the fact that there is the possibility of recharging every day and through advantageous tariffs, as well as the different users . constant communication.


For this process we have different ways to transfer the balance to a company line, the common procedures used are SMS and phone calls. It is also valid to mention the similarity concerning the treatment of how to transfer Movistar balance to Telcel for the way of message.

Another way to pass the balance offered by the company Telcel is an official service called “Pasatiempo”, it is the most used by the various subscribers of the said telephone company.

However, we must point out that apart from the aforementioned procedure, there is also the possibility of passing the balance through other systems offered by different companies specializing in the field, which have their own methods of transferring the balance of the Telcel number. to other users.

Likewise, we have the option of accessing the Telcel website and once there, to make the appropriate top-up or to transfer the balance to other subscribers.

Compared with such means of recharging the balance, already specified, they have a special amount and which will be variable due to the service that has been contracted.


Transfer the balance from Telcel to Telcel

If necessary, the balance can be transferred to another device of the company Telcel, via certain specific services, including the so-called “Hobby”. In order to make the reader aware of such options for paying the balance, we will see some of them below, namely:

Sending the balance by SMS

  • Using Telcel’s personal cell phone, for this we have to enter the messages section and create a new one, the number 7373 will be placed on the recipient.
  • After the above, we will have to place in the text message, the mobile phone number of the person to whom we will carry out the balance transfer, it is necessary to leave a space after identifying the line that will be beneficiary of the amount, We add immediately the amount to be allocated, it will not be important to place the peso symbol.
  • In a last step, it will suffice to send the SMS or the SMS and to give a waiting period for the arrival of the acceptance, in said response it will be indicated that the added sum has been allocated successfully.

The company Telcel makes the stipulation to be able to carry out transfers of balances, fixed from five dollars with a limit of two cents, which will be carried out from any computer of the company and at the level of the whole of the territory. Mexican.

From the Hobby app on your smartphone

If you have a Smartphone device, it will be possible to download the service called Telcel Pastime, completely free, in the device itself, the procedure can be from any tool or application that the device has.

Once such a request has been made, there is the option to enter it and continue with the steps that we will mention below:

  1. It is necessary to enter in the section of the bar located at the top of the service number of the company Telcel, which is going to be used, the same number 7373.
  2. Later, in the lower part of the bar, the number of the destination or the one that will receive the transfer amount will be added, we must keep in mind that a space must be left, after placing the receiving phone, then the amount we want will be placed process. After doing all of the above, click on the send option and so the process will be completed.

When the phone has a 4.1 or higher model SIM card, we can see the Hobby option in the tools menu, it can be found in the services section.

If the situation of not showing it occurs we have to enter Telcel then in the My Telcel section, later in the Friend area and as the last Hobby option.


Once the Hobby has been sent via the options already mentioned, the recipient and the sender can count on receiving an SMS confirming the transfer process carried out.

The amount held by sending the Pasatiempo application, through one of the options, will have a total value of $ 2.00 including tax, to the person who used the service, the transfer deduction can be made for the pass pay.


In order to make use of this option, we must locate on the keypad part of the equipment and make a call to the number * 2473. We immediately click on instruction 2 and continue the steps that the system will indicate to us, in order to complete the transfer process appropriately.


In this case, the first step to perform is to dial the number * 2473 (AIR) and press the call key. After that, we choose number 1, which refers to the transfer of the amount.

Then we must dial the number we have to share the amount of the company Telcel, thus becoming the recipient of the transfer to be made. We place the sum of the balance to be transferred, being clear that the amounts will be between $ 50 with a cap of $ 1000.


It should be borne in mind that for the proper use of such a service in an efficient manner, it is important to have at least the amount of one hundred and one pesos per balance.

Pay the balance by message with Nextel

Nextel Company also offers its subscribers telephone services, but also the possibility of transferring the balance to Movistar equipment, this by SMS or SMS. Apart from the above, there is the third benefit of being able to transfer the amount by calling directly.

The company Nextel allows the balance to be issued in a simple and comfortable way using SMS technology or text messages, already mentioned. The balance to be transferred can be established between the amount of $ 30 up to a maximum of $ 1000. For these purposes, it will be enough to follow a few steps that we outline below:

At first, the balance will be recharged, which must have a maximum and minimum limit, so we will create the corresponding message.


In the recipient section of the message we need to add the number 4040, in order to be able to use the service.

In the body part of the message we will add the Movistar phone number to which we will pass the balance, for this we must respect and leave a space for the amount in pesos of the transfer. No sign or symbol of any kind should be placed.

Regarding the Nextell service on balance transfer, it is determined between $ 5, $ 10 and $ 15, it will depend on the amount to be transferred and the use of the service, all this will be applicable to amounts between $ 30 at $ 150, $ 151 at $ 300 and $ 301, capped at $ 1,000 respectively.


As we have seen regarding the content of the developed article, the procedure for transferring balance from one phone to another of the Telcel or Movistar companies is quite convenient and simple. This is an option that users can put into practice, for their own benefit, family members or acquaintances.

Still in the presentation of the work that we have carried out, we can note the existence of certain precise and specific steps which must be taken into account, when carrying out the transfer process between telephone equipment. We hope that the article will provide the reader with knowledge on the developed topic.

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