How to change the password of the Megacable Arris modem?

For people who have a service contract with Megacable Arris, especially that of the Internet, it is very important that they know how it works, for this reason we will show you everything related to how to change password modem.


How to change the password of the Megacable Arris?

Megacable is a Mexican telecommunications company responsible for the marketing of basic services, such as cable television, fixed and mobile telephony and the Internet. It is one of the largest in Mexico and one of the most used.

Its foundation dates back to 1983, over the years it has ventured into various markets, with positive results, until it becomes what it is today. To cite an example, in 2006 it became a direct competence of Telmex, thanks to the fact that its telephony services were used in Guadalajara by 1,000,000 subscribers.

He offered to reach almost every corner of the country and he was successful, currently he has 2.5 million subscribers to his credit in more than 300 municipalities in 25 states of the country, which are distributed in the above mentioned services. above.

Today through this article we are going to bring you all the information, on how to change Megacable Arris password and everything about the modem as well as other additional details that we will place below.

Change Password

Like any modem marketed by a company to supply the Internet, the data coming from the factory can be modified there. But for this you need to do a previous procedure, of which we will place all the necessary steps to carry them out.

1.To start, open the browser of your choice, in the search bar type the following IP address: “” and press Enter.


2. There you will access the control panel, the system will ask a user to enter. What you are going to put in the same order, is this: “Admon” with “technicolor” and click on enter.

3. Once entered into the control panel, go to the drop down menu and locate the “Wireless” option, this is where you will make the change you are looking for.

4.Once you have entered wireless, you will need to enter a “username” and “password”, which will be very useful for the next time you enter modem setup, to complete this step. , click Apply.

5.Now you have to open a tab in which there is a space that says “Network name”, there you have to delete the name of the current network and place a new one. In the same window you will find another one that says “passphrase” for the password, since the procedure is the same.

6.To complete the procedure successfully, we recommend that you do the respective verification of all entered data, once you have already checked, now you need to click “save settings” to be able to save all the changes made.

Important aspects

It is important that you are fully aware of how to set up Arris modem, or any other, as this will allow you to get the most out of using your device, as their features are usually very useful.

For example, if you have Wi-Fi Internet for your business, you can change the name of the network, replacing it with the latter, to differentiate yours from other connections that may be available. This is one of the many benefits that can be obtained when using the tool.

Password recommendations

It is important that, when changing the password supplied with the modem at the factory, take into account certain aspects or recommendations to follow, since this concerns the security of your network. Remember that there are many hackers out there looking to attack the most vulnerable.

There you can have personal information which is very valuable, because keep in mind that the key to access banks, social networks, any streaming platform account, can be hacked by these cyber hackers. , so for this you need to follow some recommendations.

The password must contain at least 8 digits, among which will be mixed between upper and lower case, special characters, numbers. For these cases, its modifications must be carried out every 90 days (3 months) also for security reasons.

Try that the password does not contain any information related to your personal data, as this can be very vulnerable.

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