How To Check Unefon’s Balance | Portal + Tips

Checking the available balance of your Unefon line is very simple and does not cost anything. Remember that the management and development tools have improved significantly so that we can now use our computer, smartphone or tablet to check the balance at any time.

The steps to follow are similar to those of AT&T, but with their respective differences. Therefore, learning from both systems will allow you to develop more practicality when managing your accounts.

Therefore, today we will teach you how to check your Unefon balance in different ways.

Consult the balance of Unefon via the web

A convenient, safe and widely used method to check the Unefon balance is through the official website of the service:

  • Go to the official Unefon page.
  • If you don’t have an official account on the platform, create one.
  • Enter your 10-digit number and password to access the system.
  • Click on “Unefon available balance and its validity”.

Ready! You have already checked your balance without any complications. Note that within the Unefon site it is also possible to start a private chat with the service to check the balance.

  • Once on the official Unefon page, click on “Unefon Chat”. The option is located at the bottom right of the web.
  • Fill out the form then go to “Consult a frame”.

It might not be a very convenient option, but it works if the first method fails. However, keep in mind that the hours of operation for customer service via chat are Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Check Unefon’s balance via the mobile app

My Unefon is a service that not only allows you to manage your prepaid or postpaid line from the web, but also from any smart device with Android or iOS operating system.

  • Download the app on Google play if you have a Smartphone with Android. Otherwise, visit the Apple Store to download the application to your iPhone.
  • Once done, click on the application and touch the option “Unfon balance”. As on the web, this option allows you to view and manage your balance immediately.

Consult the Unefon balance via a call

The call option is always a practical alternative when we do not have access to the Internet. This option is completely free and only takes a few minutes.

  • Enter the phone calls option on your cell phone.
  • Dial * 611.
  • Follow the operator prompts to get the information you need.

Check the balance of Unefon by SMS

Another way to check your balance is to send an SMS:

  • Enter the text message box on your smartphone.
  • In the recipient, enter the number 1111.
  • In the text space, write the word “Pay”.
  • Send the SMS and wait for the message to arrive. Then, the information you need will be reflected: mega consumption, balance and other services available on your line.

Ready! You have already successfully verified your balance. As you can see, these are very simple methods that do not require additional costs. Thus, you will be able to consult Unefon’s balance as many times as necessary.

That said, choose the option that best meets your needs and consider learning the other methods in an emergency. Success!