How to Clear Google History on iPhone and Mac

You are a person concerned about your privacy, you don’t like your partner being able to control everything you do while browsing the Internet. So maybe you’re not even doing anything wrong, yours is a matter of principle, that’s all.

Or would you like to surprise those you love the most in the world, avoiding in the most absolute way that they get to know each other: have you ever seen that too much curiosity… But no more talk, in this article we will explain you step by step how to clear google history on iPhone, iPad And Macso you can sleep peacefully after any type of online research.

How to Clear Google History on Mac

To clear your Google history on Mac, simply open a browser of your choice and sign in to your Google account. Once logged in, you just need to follow a simple procedure that will affect the section Data and privacy. But let’s go in order.

  1. Open Safari browser and log in to the page If you’re already signed in to your Google account, you won’t be prompted to sign in to your account.

Safari Myaccountgoogle

  1. Select “Data and Privacy” in the left menu.

Safari MyAccountGoogle data and privacy

  1. Scroll down until you find the section “History Settings”then click the button “My activities”.

Safari MyAccountGoogle My Activities

  1. Select “Web and App Activity” to view and delete your activity.

Safari MyAccountGoogle web and app activity

  1. On the new page that opens, locate the section “View and delete activity”then select “Manage all web and app activity”.

Safari MyAccountGoogle Manage all web and app activity

  1. On the next screen, click “DELETE”, then choose whether you want to delete the activity for the last hour, for the last day or since the beginning or for a custom time range. You can also choose to delete activity for a single product (for example, Chrome) or for all products (Youtube, Google Assistant, Discover, Google lens, etc.). Before proceeding, remember that when you delete an activity from your account, it will no longer be used by Google to personalize your browsing experience.

Safari MyAccountGoogle Delete Web and App Activity

  1. Push the button “After you” continue.

Safari Myaccountgoogle Choose activity to delete

  1. Click on the button “DELETE” to confirm deletion of the activity.

Safari MyAccountGoogle Permanently Delete Web and App Activity

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How to clear google history with google app

If you want to clear google history on your mobile device whether it is iPhone or iPad it makes no difference, instead of Safari browser you can use theGoogle Apps. This way the operation will be easier and faster, all you need is the Google app (if you haven’t already, download it for free from the Apple Store).

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Google app.

iPhone appGoogle

  1. Tap the profile icon in the top right and tap up “Search History”.

iPhone app Google search history

  1. Push the button “DELETE” and choose to clear history for today, all activity, or a custom time range.

Delete Google Search History from iPhone App

  1. Push the button “ALL RIGHT” at the bottom right to confirm the action.

Iphone App Google Confirm Deleted Search History

  1. You can also choose to disable Google search history. By default, the Mountain View company collects history, because the parameter named “Web and app activity is enabled”, but no one is stopping you from preventing Google from collecting this information. To do this, tap on the item “Controls” present in the menu above.

iPhone App Google Search History Checks

  1. Push the button “Disable”.

Iphone application Google Disable search history

  1. In the new screen that opens, Google informs you about what happens after the function is suspended “Web and App Activity”. In short, a break means less personalization of your experience with Google apps, such as Discover, Maps, YouTube, and more. This suspension applies “across all sites, apps and devices” to which you are logged in with the Google account in question.

Iphone App Google Suspend Enable Web and App

  1. Once you’ve read Google’s warning, tap “To suspend” to confirm the deactivation of “Web and App Activity”.

Google Web iPhone App and App Activity Suspended

There you have it, our guide to how to clear google history on iphone, ipad and mac ends here. It was simple, wasn’t it?

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