When it comes to configuring any electronic equipment, it is essential that we have access to the internal part of it, this is the case of the Router of video recorder, it is a device designed to provide Internet in the area where it is installed.


VCR router

The VTR router is an electronic equipment with specific functions and different models, which are created to offer the service of distribution of Internet advantages, in a specific space or area.

The configuration of these electronic devices must be carried out with great caution and with the proper knowledge on the part of those who acquired them, as improper configuration will endanger the equipment and its proper functioning.

However, in general, such equipment has specific instructions to configure in its safe, detailing them and depending on the model of each. The respective stages of their installation and preliminary adjustments are determined.

The procedure might be considered a bit complicated for different users who use the equipment, that is why we will see the procedure for installing the VTR router and the respective configuration.

Steps to install it

As the first step when entering the VTR Router team, it is important to complete the installation process successfully, especially when it comes to a new acquisition.

After the above, it will be necessary to connect the device itself to the outlet. Subsequently, the location of a network cable is of great importance, in case it is necessary to connect the equipment to the “WAN” or “Internet” input of the Router next to the VCR modem. Usually this point is characterized by being separated from the others and has a different color.

After the previous step, the VTR router can be connected via the remaining inputs, for this a different network cable will be used. Then you already have the option to add the computer.

How to enter the VTR router?

First of all, we must locate in the instructions of the equipment, the address or URL called, through which we will know how to enter VTR router, especially in the “Settings” section.

Likewise, it is important to quickly have a username and password, which will be factory default and configured on the Router VTR device itself.


We consider it important to mention that the use URL is generally the same, being the same “http: //92.168.XX”, and in the case of the “X”, they can be replaced by digits, taking into account the brand of the VTR router.

Once we have the data already mentioned, it will be relevant to open the preferred browser and we will copy the address in the search bar, then we will click on the “Enter” key.

The above will be done with the intention of entering and continuing the configuration process, for this the authentication step is necessary, in this step the username and password that we already have in main will be placed.

The configuration of the VTR Router can be done by the user or the owner of the equipment, to do this you need to perform the given steps: once you enter the settings page of the equipment itself, you establish the parameters, which fulfill the function of controlling and securing its operation.

In a next step we have to go or open the menu, in order to enter the section called “Quick setup“,” Assistant configuration “or” Connection alignment “, everything will depend on the model of the device. Among the different teams that can be installation this way is Next Generation VTR Router


Once in the new section we will choose the configuration called configure the “Dynamic IP”, “Automatic DHCP” or “DHCP”, these three become the same option, only what varies is their name.

Network name and password

Another important point is the creation of the username, by means of which the user will enter the network and it will be the identification of the user, to perform this step the data must be added in the appropriate field, which is asked the system itself.

Before continuing, we want to make a recommendation or suggestion, not to use special characters or symbols, such as the letter “Ñ”, or accents or symbols, this depending on the fact that it may interfere during the respective connection. Regarding the channel, the “Auto” option must be kept.

Therefore, the security of the wireless network can be set. In connection with this, the options “WPA” or “WPA-2 PERSONAL” can be used.

The password to be established must be written in the area provided for this procedure, leaving aside the symbols or special characters that we have mentioned.


It’s pretty positive, creating a key that contains upper and lower case letters, a combination of numbers and letters.

Finally we have to indicate and press the button with the mention “Reboot”, through which the reboot procedure of the VTR Router will be carried out, this process might take some time.


Once the process of entering the VTR Router and its configuration is complete, it is possible to use the wireless connection with confidence. Regarding the proper handling of the equipment or device, it is important to keep in mind its make and model, as well as all hardware and software accessories.

Regarding the aforementioned step, it will be enough to enter the section called networks of the equipment or device to be connected, in order to search for the name that has been created, and then enter the password corresponding.

In this way, you can already use the VTR Router depending on the wireless connection, mentioned at the beginning of the article, as well as through the other options already explained above.

Currently, having Internet service is essential for the development of daily activities, whether at home, at school, at university, at work, among others. For this reason, it is necessary to have a long, fast and stable performance, which is a great need. For this, it is possible that the VTR Router becomes a Wi-Fi repeater.

Another option to keep in mind is that due to the importance of taking advantage of internet and Wi-Fi service, you need to have protection against computer risks or attacks. For these cases, you need to have the aforementioned antivirus, which is quite a positive when it comes to protecting files, emails, browsing, and possible threats to computers.

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