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Within the vocabulary of entrepreneurs, some concepts are ideal for an alignment of thinking between investors / customers and entrepreneurs. Within this reasoning, the term pitch involves issues of business drive, tools and above all the decisive moment of advertising a project, while it is still on paper. The quick description of a product or service and the possibility of selling it has a great market value, even more so for startups.

Step: what is it?

The pitch consists of a quick presentation for the entrepreneur to present the idea to a potential investor. The goals are to secure attention and interest and then invest in capital. The need for project feasibility makes the pitch an objective mechanism to filter good or bad ideas, even if only superficially.

Types of steps

  • Elevator: concept based on a simple conversation in the elevator, from 30 seconds to 1 minute, which only separates the most relevant parts of your idea, but which is sufficient for another conversation in the future;
  • A phrase: use of keywords to fascinate the investor, with the use of a well-structured phrase, which clearly demonstrates the goal of your business;
  • Pitch: supports the use of images and illustrations to support and enrich the visualization of the project and support verbal presentation, as a complementary tool.
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Processing of the intonation

Define the target audience and the market in which you operate

  • Find out the listener’s level of knowledge on the subject. Make different proposals for different investors / clients;
  • Be open to listening to suggestions.

Indicate the purpose and possible solution of the problem

  • Focus on time, averaging three to ten minutes – or up to 5 slides – in software like PowerPoint or Dear;
  • Ideally, attention is captured in the first two minutes of the presentation, thus verbally exposing ideas to capture interest;
  • Keep it simple and objective;
  • Do not enter exorbitant values;
  • Keep in mind that a second meeting might be better for a full presentation, however, for that, the idea must be purchased.

Improve your differential

  • You know the market and your business well;
  • Generates curiosity;
  • Think more about the quality of the proposal than about the speech itself;
  • Don’t be afraid of questions.


There is no perfect formula for a good presentation due to the different investor profiles. You need to show dominance and ability to execute to achieve key business goals. Your well-structured “fish sale” could be the start of a great success.

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