How to download videos from Twitter?

Downloading videos from Twitter is not difficult. In reality, platforms for downloading content the audiovisual sector continues to develop to facilitate the downloading of content posted daily on the networks.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks today. Working as a microblogging service, it allows you to download audiovisual content to maximize the experience, although it does not yet support downloads on the platform.

Hence, it is not surprising that many are looking to download the videos which are uploaded daily to Twitter. If this is your case, we invite you to continue reading this article, because today we are going to teach you how to download Twitter videos from your cell phone and computer.

How to Download Twitter Videos from PC

To download videos from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram from your PC, the first thing to do is to resort to free download platforms. This type of web page allows you to download audiovisual content in different formats and resolutions.

In the specific case of Twitter, we can use the platform All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Open the tweet and copy the link.
  • Go to and paste the video link in the white bar of the platform.
  • Now click on “To download”.
  • Enter a preferred name for the file, select the location of the file and click “to safeguard”.

How to download Twitter videos on Android

To download Twitter videos from Android, we can use the app

Download Twitter Videos – Save Twitter GIF of Vidma video studios. Proceed to download the mobile app through Google Play and once installed, follow the instructions below:

  • The tweet in question.
  • Click on “Copy tweet link”.
  • Open the app.
  • Wait for the download to start.

How to Download Twitter Videos on Iphone

A very good application for iPhone phones is MyMedia File Manager. To start using it, simply download the app from the Apple Store. Once done, install and then follow the instructions:

  • Enter the app and tap on the globe icon which can be found in the lower left part.
  • Once there, go to the TWDown page.
  • Open Twitter and find the tweet with the video you want to download.
  • Click on the tab at the top right of the tweet and select “Copy tweet link”.
  • Paste the link in the bar “Enter the video link”.
  • Click on “Download file“For the download to start and the file to be stored in the application folder.”
  • Once there, locate the video and click on it.
  • Choose the option “Save to film”To finally save the video to the iPhone.

Ready! The Twitter video is already on the mobile phone. Wasn’t it very easy? That’s all you need to do to download Twitter videos from your computer or mobile phone.

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