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In the business world there are always good ideas and good professionals. However, it is not often that business partners have enough money to invest and develop their ideas with their own resources. It is clear that every start up of a business is complicated and laborious, requires skilled techniques and financing, and for that, here are some platforms and tips on how to get the investors your business requires.

Some types of investors

Assembling a good realistic business plan, intelligent planning, with a well-structured team and looking for the right investor profile, it will be possible to show yourself ahead of the competition. This is why it is important that there are financial contributions for the growth of some projects that depend on greater stimuli.

investor angel

After having structured the business well done, the investment can be sought with the so-called angel investors, who are individuals with available capital. Angel investor networks are looking for companies that start investing and then are able to sell their stake to larger investors. In general, the value of the investment is less than R $ 1 million.

Risk capital

Venture capital or venture capital is a term used to define a team of experienced investors. In this way, Brazilian venture capital funds are able to invest companies that are already in the field, with revenues but that are still emerging. In this sense, the goal is to make them grow, perhaps only to be sold or merged. But, even with high growth potential, they still pose a considerable risk. Typically, investments are between R $ 2 million and R $ 10 million.

Accelerators / Incubators

There are accelerator companies and incubators that offer business development methods, financially and strategically, to encourage entrepreneurship in Brazil. Additionally, they serve as a support network for startup expansion, through leadership and capital.

Accelerators act as drivers for companies that are already up and running and have a high potential to gain more market space and improve their performance.

Incubators are generally connected to non-profit organizations or educational institutions. They help new startups enter the market by providing a collaborative physical space and also relying on funding, mentoring and networking networks.

FFF (friends, family and fools)

By separating the professional side from the personal side, some initial investments can come from friends, family and fools. This can happen since they are close people, they believe in the potential but do not have competence enough to understand the market, for example.


A good network of relationships is essential for professionals to get to know and be in contact with other people in the business field. In this way, lectures, courses, conferences and some events are essential to strengthen networking and thus facilitate the chances of finding potential investors. Even in a future society.

Equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is offered on online equity crowdfunding platforms. That is, instead of having access to presales, gifts or small prizes (crowdfunding), employees become partners or investors in companies. In this case, the minimum capital investment is lower, but it makes it easier for more people to invest. Some of these platforms are:

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How to win over investors?

After seeing several opportunities to seek financial support, how do you win investors and sell your startup idea? This can be done through the so-called “killer pitch”. As mentioned here on the blog, the pitch is a quick presentation for the entrepreneur to present the idea to a potential investor. For what:

  • Define the target audience, your proposal and your market;
  • Make the purpose of your business clear;
  • Explain what the problem your company will solve will be;
  • Improve the differential of your business;
  • Generates curiosity;
  • Know the market and the profile of the investors that interest you well.

By putting together a good presentation, your pitch will be ready to win straight and start your business!

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