How to Install Mobile Apps on Windows 11 with Amazon Appstore

Amazon app store is an application store developed by Amazon for Android devices, Amazon Fire tablets and PCs with Windows 11 operating system. It installs like any application available in the Microsoft Store, so you don’t need to follow a complex procedure, like the one seen, for example, to install the Google Play Store on Windows 11.

For the moment, the applications available in Amazon app store they are not comparable in terms of number to those present in the official Microsoft store. However, this does not detract from the interest of what is for all intents and purposes a new app storealso compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, among others.

In this article we will explain how to install mobile apps on windows 11 with amazon app storeonce you have downloaded it to your computer.

PC requirements to download the Amazon Appstore

First, make sure the PC you want to install the Amazon Appstore on has the following requirements:

  • RAM: 8 GB (minimum) / 16 GB (recommended
  • Storage type: Solid State Drive or Solid State Drive (recommended)
  • Processor: 8th Gen Intel Core i3 (minimum) or better / AMD Ryzen 3000 (minimum) or better / Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c (minimum) or better
  • CPU architecture: x64 or ARM64
  • Virtual Machine Platform: must be enabled

Important: Virtualization is already enabled on most Windows 10 PCs and all computers that ship with Windows 11. Learn more about page dedicated to virtualization. In any case, if you have not enabled virtualization, you will be guided through its configuration during the installation of the Amazon Appstore.

Countries where the Amazon Appstore is available with Windows

Another important thing to mention is that the Amazon Appstore is not available with Windows in all countries. Fortunately, in the list of geographical areas where Amazon app store is supported there is also theItalyso if you meet the requirements listed above, you should have no trouble installing the App Store that Amazon has developed for Windows 11 PCs, Android devices, and Amazon Fire tablets.

To be complete, here it is updated list countries where Windows 11 supports the Amazon Appstore:

  • Andorra
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • christmas island
  • Cocos Islands
  • the cook islands
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Guernsey
  • Heard and McDonald’s
  • Ireland
  • Isle of man
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Jersey
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxemburg
  • Monk
  • New Zealand
  • Niue
  • norfolk island
  • San Marino
  • Spain
  • Swiss
  • Tokelau
  • UK
  • United States
  • Vatican City

How to Install Amazon Appstore

Now proceed to install the Amazon Appstore. Compared to the steps required by any other application available in the Windows 11 store, you have to follow a slightly different procedure, because you must first enable virtualization afterwards install windows subsystem for android.

Click the icon Microsoft Store present in the application bar to open the digital store of the Redmond house.

Microsoft Store taskbar

Click on the search bar above “Search for apps, games, movies and more” and type “Amazon App Store”then tap the app Amazon app store that appears in the search results.

Microsoft Store Search Amazon Appstore

Click on the “Install” button to begin the installation of the Amazon Appstore.

Installing Amazon Appstore

Now press up “Configure” to enable virtualization.

Amazon Appstore Configure

Click on “Yes” to allow Windows host services to make the required changes.

The next step is toinstall Windows Subsystem for Android. Press up “Download” to start the download.

Windows Subsystem for Android Download

As before, click the button “Yes” to allow Windows host services to make the required changes.

Note: the download may require a few minutes of waiting (it all depends on the speed of the Internet connection).

When the download is complete, press up “Forward” Carry on.

Preparing PC for Amazon Appstore Step Two

The third and final step is to reboot of the operating system. To do this, click on “Restart”in order to complete the configuration of the Amazon application store.

Amazon Appstore Restart

How to Install Android Apps on Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore

When the PC restarts, the Amazon Appstore home screen opens for you to log in. If you already have a Amazon accountPress the button “Already have an Amazon account? Log in” and enter your credentials to log into the Amazon Appstore. If you don’t have an Amazon account, click “Create a new Amazon account” to save a new profile.

Login to the Amazon Appstore

The main screen Of Amazon app store features a series of slides at the top with the best games available right now, while scrolling below there are the sections “Featured New Apps”, “Editors Choice”, “Children and Boys”, “Top Paid”, “All apps and games”.

Amazon app store home

To download an Android app, click “to obtain”then up “Download”.

Amazon Appstore Download Apps

Once the download is complete, press the button “You open” to launch the app on Windows 11 PC.

Chess apps from the Amazon Appstore

If you want to buy a paid app instead of a free app, remember that your primary payment method is the same as the one you selected for your Amazon account. If you wish, you can also buy the so-called Amazon PartsAmazon’s virtual coins that allow you to buy both games and in-app elements.

The easiest way to get Amazon Coins is to buy the packages available on the Amazon Appstore.

Here are the most popular parts by users:

  • 300 coins: €2.19 (save 3%)
  • 500 coins: €4.75 (save 5%)
  • 1,000 pieces: €9.00 (save 10%)
  • 2,500 coins: €21.75 (save 13%)
  • 5,000 coins: €42.50 (save 15%)
  • 10,000 pieces: €82.00 (save 18%)

Amazon Parts


Our overview of how to install mobile apps on windows 11 with amazon appstore ends here. Now you know the requirements for the PC running Windows 11, how to install the Amazon Appstore through the Microsoft Store, and the steps to download a free or paid app.

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