How to know if you are blocked on Telegram

Telegram is a great messaging app, some say it’s even the best. Some users only use it as an alternative to WhatsApp, but probably in this way they do not appreciate its many peculiarities and advanced features, such as groups and channels.

It can happen to be blocked by a contact, also on Telegram. The ability to block contacts is present on almost all messaging apps and keeps users undisturbed by others.

Telegram blocked

We will see in this in-depth analysis how to know if someone has blocked you on telegram and if they exist tips for getting unstuck.

Find out if someone has blocked you on Telegram

Understanding if you are blocked on Telegram is a little less simple and immediate than on other similar platforms.

Telegram does not notify us if a contact has blocked usbut there are some clues that can make us understand and it happened:

  • missing profile pictureit is a clear trace that the contact may have decided to block us, but other clues are needed for confirmation;
  • the disappearance of the phrase profileis an even clearer clue that they may have blocked us;
  • finally, the disappearance of the time and date of the last access.

If these three clues are present, it is likely that we have been blocked.

To be sure, you can do two tests:

  • you can send a message and find that it is not deliveredremaining only with a tick;
  • you can try to call the contact, by entering your chat and pressing the top icon with the three dots and then “Who likes“. If you have been blocked by the contact, the call will not go through and the screen will show you the message “Connection Failure”.

What happens when I block a contact on Telegram?

When you block a contact on Telegram, the messaging app makes sure they can’t reach you in any way.

A blocked contact therefore:

  • will not be able to send you any type of message (text, media or voice), and if so, you will not receive it;
  • he won’t be able to call you or video call you;
  • he can’t even spy on youbecause he won’t see any of your information (he won’t be able to see when you’re online, no status phrases and no photos).

How to block a contact on Telegram?

User telegram blocking

Blocking a contact in the chat is really easy and fast:

  • open the application, enter the chat with the contact;
  • then press the name of the contact at the top, then always at the top on the three points on the right;
  • tap the item “Block a user», a dialogue window will appear asking you if you really want to block the user, by pressing on the red writing you will confirm.

How to unblock a contact on Telegram?

Telegram unblocking

If you want to unblock a contact on Telegram:

  • open the application, press the menu button on the top left;
  • then press “Settings“, then on “Privacy and Security“;
  • to push on “Blocked users“, then on the three dots next to the contact to be unblocked and press “Open“.

Are there ways to bypass the block and unblock?

The only way around the block is enjoy a group that you share with the person who blocked us. If you and the person who blocked you are in the same Telegram group, the app will allow you to continue exchanging messages within the group.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have any groups in common, the only way is to have a friend who can forward your messages to the person concerned and convince them to unblock you.


It is not advisable to turn to third-party services that promise the impossible, as they do not work and jeopardize the security of your account.

Our in-depth study on how to understand if you are blocked on Telegram is complete. If you want to follow the evolution of Telegram and be constantly informed of the new features introduced, we invite you to read the changelog which contains the latest changes (also available in Italian): Telegram change log.