How to make iPhone run faster? Oh dear, here’s the solution

Some of you may remember the scandal that struck Apple a few years ago, known as battery door. The Cupertino company had been discovered to deliberately slow down the old iPhones of users with a degraded battery in order to avoid sudden stops or an excessive decrease in autonomy.

Despite the good intentions, or at least that’s what Apple said, the problem was that this change in performance was by no means communicated to users.

What if I told you that there is an extremely easy way to eliminate these power limiters? Just ask our cousins ​​from across the Alps for help!

iPhone France

Yes, you are right: if you have an iPhone with a few years of life in your hands, it is quite possible that at the moment it is slowed down due to degraded battery, however, there is a way to speed it up again.

From what colleagues at GizChina, some Chinese users would have found an ingenious trick to eliminate any power restriction on their iPhones. Obviously, the effects are all the more noticeable as the iPhone models are older or the battery is more degraded. To put it simply, if you have an iPhone 12 Pro Max in your hands for example, the trick will have no effect for the moment.

How to speed up a slow iPhone?

At the beginning of the article I was talking about France, then I went to Chinese users, what confusion! Let’s try to get some clarity.

Some iPhone users in China would find that speeding up their limited iPhones again is enough define the region of use in France. Yes that’s all.

Why? It’s very likely that Apple wanted to remove this kind of performance bottleneck to avoid legal consequences. France is one of the countries which hit the American company the hardest following the discovery of the limiters (hidden at the time) and it is very likely that Apple therefore decided not to risk more.

By changing the region to France, Apple’s infamous “performance management” system would therefore be completely deactivated. It is not just a subjective feeling, users compared the scores before and after the change of region and noticed higher numbers in benchmarks after the passage.

Benchmark performance of the iPhone France

It is of course essential to remember that Apple has included this type of performance management for avoid sudden stops terminals in case the battery fails to provide sufficient output current flow when required by the chip. So it is possible that using your old Apple smartphone at full power means sacrifice precious hours of autonomy and encounter potential unexpected shutdown problems.

Have you tried it on your iPhone as well? Let us know how it went in the comments below.

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