How to make money with the app? – Dreamlabs

It is certain that you have on your mobile device several functional applications downloaded from the store of your operating system. But have you ever wondered how it is possible to make money with apps?

Along with the creative part of the process and the execution of the project by the developers, you need to decide which path to take so that we can support you with your application.

For this, we will show you today what are the main methods for this. And again, how the world of apps can be a form of investment for entrepreneurs, albeit free for the public.


The problem of the usability of the product and how much aggregator it will be for the user is the main point so that you can make money with your investment in an application.

how to make money with the app

It makes no sense for the product to be promising if its interface, design, and customer experience is terrible. For this, it is necessary to dedicate the best of the application in its free version, so that the user will be enchanted.

At the same time, it is also important that there are improved and more effective versions, with extra functions for the main purpose of the app, to reach the audience in the best possible way.


It is vital to know monetization even before your app is ready, to know exactly what your business is most interested in so you can profit.

In the app stores, with a minimum value of 0.99 reais you can start making your app available if you want it to be paid.

This opportunity is interesting because, nowadays, many people are willing to pay a paltry 1 real to be able to use a good application without advertising. Know your audience!

free applications

Some forms of app monetization are: paid monthly or by subscription, a free app with advanced features from a payment, in-app ads, or even apps that work as a service (eg Uber, iFood).

Commercial break

THE in-app advertising works with some banners and videos of some products, apps or services that appear on the screen. Therefore, when they are directed to the purchase site or the app store, the commission is given by the advertiser to the intermediary.

However, an ad-filled application that continually intrudes on it is cloying. It is necessary to dose the amount of advertising so that the customer can still use most of the functions without additional wear and tear.

There are also paid app with advertising inserted, contrary to what indicated, but yes, it exists!

Purchases and subscriptions

In-app purchases they are like, for example, a free game that with the money spent inside the app can get new objects, characters, levels or the game money to spend in the app store.

In the model of signatures, well known in streaming apps, you pay monthly or annually for a service that is fully available to you.

Another strategy is to offer free app for a limited time. which releases functions to a growing audience, usually called upon by major marketing actions.

Thus, at the end of the trial period, leaving him with “a taste of wanting more”, more often than not, the user decides to buy the application or to subscribe to the service. For this, an application with excellent usability and experience is what attracts the most attention.


Some new forms of monetization are also emerging, such as sponsorships and cross partnerships, which essentially spread one app within another and so on.


For engagement, bet on digital presence and an intuitive and easy-to-use app. In addition, it has all the necessary information in the simplest click, to facilitate its user experience.

The development and optimization of processes within an application will open the door to earn more and more money, creating a good base of users and free publishers (such as Nubank), the likelihood of your app triggering downloads is very high.

_O futuro é cada vez mais expansivo para o dono de um aplicativo. Não fique de fora, faça o seu orçamento conosco.