How to overcome ChatGPT blocking in Italy

ChatGPT is the famous generative AI of OpenAI since its launch it shocked the world, for months we don’t talk about anything else. Unfortunately, as of today, according to a statement from the Italian Privacy Guarantor, the site is inaccessible from Italy.

Even Italian users trying to use the have problems new version of Bing that only old web results are found instead of those created by ChatGPT. In this article, therefore, we will see all the methods that work to overcome the blockage and continue using ChatGPT and Bing without limitations.

ChatGPT blocked in Italy

Why Italy Blocked ChatGPT

It was officially announced on March 30, 2023 by the Guarantor of the protection of personal data (GPDP), the Italian personal data protection authority, the ban on using ChatGPT which will take effect immediately and will be active until ChatGPT complies with EU GDPR rules.

The reasons for the guarantor’s statement sparked a hornet’s nest of controversy on the net; it all started in the last few days, when ChatGPT confirmed that because of an insect fixed some users had accessed the list of commands issued by other users. But the risk to privacy in this case would not be at all striking, because this data would not have had the possibility of tracing back to the owners.

ChatGPT is a generative AI and as such is not a search engine so it is highly unlikely that it could be used for sensitive searches. Indeed, the use for sensitive subjects (such as those concerning health), of ChatGPT is strongly discouraged as AI could give misleading results (very likely but not true).

Only the Italian guarantor moved in such a restrictive direction for a fixed bug. It is hoped that the measure will be withdrawn as soon as possible, but in the meantime, here are the main issues that are disputed:

1. Violation of Privacy Laws

ChatGPT is an AI that needs to be trained; the chatbot continues to provide and process user data to provide better and more relevant answers.

2. Collection of personal data

The GPDP argues that, other than violating privacy laws, there is no legal justification for OpenAI’s massive collection and processing of personal data to train ChatGPT’s algorithms.

3. Lack of transparency

The Italian regulator noted as another violation of European privacy laws that OpenAI does not inform users how their personal data is collected.

4. Risk of Systems Breach

The single breach at the beginning of this paragraph highlighted the possibility that criminals could use ChatGPT to commit fraud and computer crimes, which fuels concerns.

5. Lack of age verification

The GPDP found that ChatGPT exposes the system to users under the age of 13 without their consent, in violation of EU GDPR. ChatGPT’s lack of age detection mechanisms has been cited as the cause of the problem.

How to overcome ChatGPT blocking

Banning the use of ChatGPT in Italy could improve the system and have global repercussions. Users who wish to continue using the chatbot in Italy have solutions available to them.

Using a VPN to Bypass ChatGPT Blocking

By their very nature, VPN services are great for circumvent territorial blocks; in fact, they work in a very simple way, encrypting incoming traffic and sending it to VPN servers, ensuring that the connection originates from another point.

Understand that a VPN is perfect for bypassing this type of blocking to which ChatGPT has been submitted.

Even a simple free VPN is fine. Obviously, if you want better performance and fewer warnings asking if you’re human, you should opt for one of the paid services. We’ve dedicated a popular guide to the best paid VPN services.

Bypass ChatGPT blocking using Opera browser (desktop)

We talked about free VPNs, one of the best is implemented on Opera browser. To use it on desktop, you just need:

  • go to the site and download the executable suitable for the system of your Windows, Mac or Linux device (don’t worry the site will offer it to you, just click on the blue button “Download Opera“);
  • once the download is complete, double-click on the executable and proceed with the installation (it is similar on all systems and has no pitfalls);
  • once the installation is complete, you can launch Opera and configure your VPN (just do it the first time);
  • click at the top right on the menu button characterized by horizontal and vertical lines;
  • scroll down to the item “Privacy and Security” and click the button next to the item “vpn“;

Bypass ChatGPT block in Italy on computer using Opera browser

  • in the page that opens, select the highlighted items”Enable VPN“, Connect to VPN when you launch your browser” And “Enable Default Search Engines Bypassing VPN“.

At this point, you can use the ChatGPT site with no problem, if it should still show you the lock screen. Just click on the bar on the blue VPN button and choose from the drop-down menu “Americas” instead of the optimal position.

Bypass ChatGPT blocking using Opera browser (mobile)

The Opera browser is also available on mobile (so on Android and iOS) and offers the same practical VPN, here’s how to use it to bypass the Italian block on ChatGPT.

  • download from play at the store Or App store the browser ;
  • open the app, tap the little guy icon at the bottom, then tap the “” buttonvpn“;
  • a screen will open where you can choose the location that is recommended to use “America
  • so you can go back and use ChatGPT.

ChatGPT often asks me if I’m human, what should I do?

Many users will use free VPNs circumvent the blocking imposed by the guarantor. So many requests to the service will come from a very small number of IP addresses, this is usually suspicious behavior.

ChatGPT turns out to be human

So often you can see captchas like the one on the screen that will ask you if you’re human. Rest assured that the service will continue to operate, only that such checks might slow down your workflow.

To make them disappear, a good solution is to switch to a paid VPN, they are used by fewer users and generally offer a greater number of IP addresses which they renew often.

Why does a simple DNS change not work?

The simple change of the DNS which is used to block many sites blocked in Italy, such as some well-known pirate sites, it doesn’t work in this case.

The reason will soon be told: this time not only has the domain been removed from our DNS, but as per the provision, ChatGPT has also limited access to our users who have an Italian IP address.