How to plot a chart in Excel | Portal + Tips

Excel It is a tool with a lot of potential, however, one of the most complicated things usually is the graphics, therefore today we are going to walk you through a simple way for you to learn how to make a chart in excel without taking too long to get the results you need.

How to plot a chart in Excel

The importance of knowing how to draw a graph in Excel

To know chart in excel This is one of the most important knowledge when working with this program because we will be able to create comparative data graphs whenever we need it.

When reporting with graphics, information is displayed more clearly and concisely. Many times values ​​and percentages are not well appreciated when displayed just in numbers, so for that, Excel allows us to make graphs to represent such data.

The charts that we can do with Excel are simple and self-explanatory, but so we cannot forget the corresponding legend that each chart should bear.

How to make charts with Excel

Let’s see step by step how we can chart in Excel.

  • To begin with, we need to have a data table that we will fill in with the information we will need.
  • Then the data to be transferred to the graphics will be “shaded” with the mouse. The table we are using should only have two cells because if there are a lot of them, the graph will be less clear.
  • Then we will go to the toolbar of the program and we will look for the option to insert graphics. There the program will show you different types of charts, choose the most convenient according to the information you are going to present.
  • Then you will see that the taskbar displays several options so that you can change the background as well as the color of the chart. You will see the quick design option, the lime will show you the default designs of the program so you don’t have to do it yourself if you don’t want to.
  • Check that all the data is correct. If you want to edit a particular one, double-click on the title to authorize the edit.

At this point your chart will be ready, but if you don’t like the result, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the taskbar and locate the option to change the chart type. A menu will open and show you different alternatives.
  • On the right side you will see a menu that allows you to change the background of the chart, there you will select the color that best suits the type of report.
  • Finally, go back to the taskbar, locate the design option, enter it and locate the move graphic to a new sheet and there will be 2 tabs. In one the data will be reflected while in the other the graph will be found.

As you will see in a few steps, your Excel chart will be ready. However, if you have not been able to fully understand, you can visit this post for more information. just here

The graphics you make with Excel can be improved with the following tips.

  • Never embed a large amount of data in the same graph as it will be very difficult to understand it by trying chart in excel. You can understand why you did it, but you should make it easy for people who are going to read it. In addition, graphics with too much information are boring at first glance.
  • Appropriately choose colors for circles, columns, tables, etc. And the background to avoid visual difficulties due to poor contrast.
  • Avoid overloading the graphic i.e. you don’t need to embed images, logos, names, etc. It can get confusing and instead of adding value it can subtract.
  • Avoid having a disproportionate disproportion when representing the data. There should always be a visual balance between all the elements of the graphic to make it attractive.
  • If you plan to create a pie, column, or bar chart, it is recommended that you organize the data and information from smallest to largest. This way, it will be better organized in the graph and the interpretation will be much better.
  • It is not recommended to use multiple colors for each bar or column. For all the same color this will suffice because the difference in size will be sufficiently perceptible to differentiate the data represented.
  • If you want to create 3D graphics because you see them more attractive, try to keep little information that you are going to capture because by itself, a 3D graphic can lend itself to data distortion. It will be a lot, but if our graph is overloaded with information.
  • If this is a report from your company or business, try incorporating the colors that identify the brand into the graphic. This will make it look a lot more professional and that time has been invested in designing the presentation.

Bars, circles or columns?

If we look closely at a graph of Excel We will see that there are different ways of representing information, but how do we know which one is the most appropriate for our graph?

A chart with rows, columns, bars or circles is not the same, the representations should be chosen based on the data we are going to present, we will show you some suggestions that will improve the way you represent the data.

  • Cake or circumference: You can choose this form of representation when you are going to display data for the same item.
  • Bars or columns: They are the most used because they are very versatile and can be used to compare different items with each other. They are the most recommended when we need to make a comparison of data which increases or decreases because it is shown much more clearly.
  • Lines: It has a similar function to bars, but they go horizontally. It is recommended that you use line charts when displaying data on a timeline. This way you can see the transformation of values ​​in a specific period of time.

With this guide you already know how to make a chart in excel in a simple way and get flawless results. After that, you can create many charts in Excel, so the following article will help you: IF / IF function in Excel