How to Put Music in Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, it has replaced Facebook in the habits of a large part of the public, especially young people. We have dedicated many guides to the social network based on photos and images, we have dealt with the introduction of Stories, then IGTV and finally Reels.

In this guide, we will instead focus on all the ways to put music in instagram storiesto make them even more attractive.

The procedure is quite simple, in this article we will see how add music to Instagram Stories but also to Reel.

Music doesn’t just consist of the melody, but often it’s the lyrics that make the difference, which can help us better express our moods.

For this reason the sticker “Music”On Instagram not only allows you to add background songs to Instagram Stories, but also to show lyrics as “karaoke”. We will see in the dedicated paragraphs how to do it.

Insert music in Instagram Stories in the background

Adding background music to an Instagram story is easy. First of all, you have to create a new Story, for that you just need to:

  • start the Instagram application;
  • at the top, press the key characterized by the “+”To access the new content creation screen;
  • at the bottom you can press “Story“.

At this point, you can choose to take a photo, press and hold the shutter button to create a video, or import a photo or video.

Once you have chosen the content, photo or video, you can proceed the inclusion of the Widget dedicated to musicso you can have music in Instagram stories in just a few steps.

To do this, it’s very simple, just:

How to Put Songs on Instagram

  1. press at the top right onWidget icon roughly quadrangular in shape with a smiling face;
  2. among the many alternatives offered, click on “Music“;
  3. so choose a song from the listis divided into two sections”For you“, where a series of songs that the application recommends according to our tastes will be listed, and that”Close“, Useful for finding a specific song;
  4. to be sure that the choice is correct, you can press the round icon with the triangle next to the name of the song to listen to a preview;
  5. you can then choose from song to include in the story tap the name of the song;
  6. at this point the screen for choose the part of the piece of music to insert and if you want whether or not to display the lyrics of the song (and with what style).

If we only need background music, we can use the yellow and purple slider at the bottom of the page to find the perfect part of the song we are interested in, and scroll through the options until only the box or lid is displayed (this is the last option).

Once you have chosen where to place the widget (you can move it anywhere by holding down to select it and then dragging it) you can complete our Story and publish it by pressing the “to finish“.

Insert song lyrics into Instagram stories

The procedure is similar to the one we saw in the previous paragraph, of which steps one to six must be repeated.

Insert song lyrics into Instagram story

After the 6 steps, in the screen that opens as soon as the sticker icon “Music”you can tap the handy icons choosing the animation to give to the words.

Once you have chosen your text animation style, you can go back and forth in song lyrics via slider so you can choose the perfect part for our story.

Finally, once everything has been dissected, the Story can be finalized and then published by pressing the “to finish“.

Use a song that is not in the Music widget

The gimmick”Musiclets you use a truly endless variety of songsbut there may be times when you have a specific song in mind that’s perfect for a certain moment and you want to use it as a background in a Story.

In this case he can use a music streaming service such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and YouTube Music, to play the desired song.

Then, while the music is playing, you can proceed to create the video story, shoot a video via the phone’s camera app (to be imported to Instagram later), or shoot it directly from the app by pressing and holding the shutter button for a long time. .

This way, while shooting the video, the music played by the streaming service will also be recorded and you can get your own music in the Instagram stories.

It is recommended to use this method during the record videos in places that are not too noisy to prevent noise from drowning out the sound of the song.

Use Music in an Instagram Reel

Put Music on Instagram Reels

There are not only Stories on Instagram, but also Reel, short videos posted on Instagram to copy a TikTok feature.

In this paragraph, we will see how to insert music into our Instagram reels. As TikTok musers know very well, and so have hashtags songs are essential to successful content. Even on Instagram, the situation is similar, so let’s see the simple procedure:

  • to create a Reel, we first need to start the Instagram application;
  • then press the “+” key to add content;
  • at the bottom press the writing “Reel“;
  • then in the left bar press the icon in the shape of a musical note;
  • here you can choose between one of the recommended songs or use the search bar at the top;
  • to check that the song is correct, you can press the play button on the right next to the name to have a short preview;
  • then pressing you can choose the song and using the handy slider at the bottom of the screen you can choose which part of the song to use;
  • once the choice is made, press at the top “To finish”.

At the end of the procedure, on the side, instead of the musical note, the cover of the selected song will appear and it will be present in the reel.

Now you are ready to create your engaging video with background music.