How to search for words in Excel

It is necessary to know the different tools that are used in Excel, in order to be able to correctly produce certain types of documents. And for that it is necessary to know how to handle tools like “Search”, to work better within any document which one wishes to make within a spreadsheet in Excel.

Know Excel

Basically, Excel is an application within Microsoft, with which you can perform different work, administrative, financial, graphics, statistics, diagrams, calculations, accounting activities, among other activities. Thus providing you with a spreadsheet or also called a spreadsheet to use in its various activities.

It should be noted that Excel offers several favorable characteristics, so that the accomplishment of each task that is there, is done with the greatest possible tools provided. And that the various desired formulas and applications can be executed successfully, in order to obtain a desired and well-done final job.

Basic Excel Features

  1. Columns are identified by letters that run from right to left
  2. The rows of it are identified by numbers, in order from top to bottom
  3. Provides different formatting methods for each task
  4. Provides search option to find words, phrases or texts
  5. Allows you to make graphics
  6. Drawings can be made
  7. Statistics can be compiled
  8. Excel allows easy use of meaning related to a large number of records
  9. The documents that are produced in Excel can be saved easily, whether on PC, Tablet, mobile device or on the Internet using the advantages of Google Drive
  10. It allows you to organize various documents within it, to make correct use of them
  11. Its large capacity of space, cells and columns allows you to do big jobs within it.

How to search for words in Excel

You have a document in Excel or in your spreadsheet, and you want to find a specific word, so don’t wrap yourself up anymore, then we will give you the step by step of how to find words in Excel quickly and easily, because read below and complete each step correctly in order to achieve the desired results.

These steps to follow are as follows:

  • The first thing to do is open Excel
  • Continuing with this, we have to open the documents
  • We choose in the folder that the desired document will open
  • We select the document and give it “Open”
  • Immediately after that our spreadsheet will display the chosen document
  • We continue with the next step:
  • Press the Ctrl + B key combination on the keyboard
  • Then, a new window will open which will display two fields “Find” and “Replace”
  • In the field that will appear, write the word (s) you want to search for
  • Continuing with that, the exact word or phrase you want to find is entered
  • Once placed, click on the “Search” button just at the bottom right of the window.
  • Excel will use the related or exact search for the word placed in said search field and in turn display all words that match the same

These are the steps that you need to follow if you want to search for a particular phrase or word in your document, apart from that it will show you not only the word or phrase you are looking for but also all the words that are in it. report will appear in your document, in your spreadsheet.

What words allows you to search

This function allows you to get the word you want, as long as it is in your document and also that it is the right way in your handwriting, it is important that your handwriting is correct, since that will be what you want. will allow the word, with much more ease within a certain subject or document.

The word can be found in any row or column, in the corresponding cell, by correctly typing the word or phrase you want to search for.

How the “Find” option works in Excel

The “Find” function in Excel is mainly used to access the quick search and reference. Use it to return a value from a selected range (in a row or also in a column) that contains the different data in ascending order, and in turn, get the different search results you need.

Of course, as long as the established search criteria are correct and are in the spreadsheet.

Types of searches in Excel

In addition to searching in general, there are other types of worksheet searches that make searching a certain area much faster. Among these options we have the following:

  • FindH: this option allows you to search directly in the first row of an array or also an array of values, and in turn returns the value in the same column, which comes from a specific row.
  • FindV: It works by looking for a value in the first column, which starts from the left of an array, and then returns a value, which is the same row, which is from a specific column. All this by default, in a table that is organized in ascending order.

Applying these searches properly will allow you to find any word, phrase or text you want to find faster, please note that it is within your document so that you can find what you want to search for. and also what relates to it, all effectively and with the information you want to know.