How to see how much RAM my Android has

Over the years, smartphones have got better and better technical specifications. This allows users to use them for a variety of purposes, from file management to gaming. In fact, almost all smartphones these days Android has remarkable features and it is increasingly rare to experience performance issues on mobile devices.

Probably, one of the most sought-after and most attention-paid components is precisely the RAM, which, in some cases, is responsible for any slowdowns of the smartphone. So there may be times when you want to see how much RAM your Android smartphone has, both for conscious use of the device, and to find the possible source of the problem with its slowing down.

RAM for smartphone

How to see the amount of RAM in an Android smartphone

See how much RAM installed on your smartphone is a very simple operation that will only take you a few moments. The steps to follow that we will show you below may vary depending on the model of smartphone used. We have followed the steps below using a Xiaomi.

  • Open the Settings from your smartphone
  • Go on about System Information, then on All specifications
  • On the next screen you should be able to see one Overview more in-depth than all the technical specifications of the smartphone, including the RAM memory
android technical specifications

How to see how much RAM an Android smartphone is using

Are you curious how much RAM is coming used from the applications of your Android smartphone? In this case too, it is possible to proceed in different ways, depending on the model of the device.

In some cases, it will suffice to open the multitasking and you will find information regarding RAM consumption in real time. Or, in other smartphones, you will need to proceed inside the Settings, locate the section on app consumption (or general smartphone consumption) and that’s it.

android ram consumption

Also if you want to get detailed information on the consumption of the RAM memory of your smartphone, you can opt for the use of certain specials applications. We recommend that you use CPU-Z, a really well-made application available for free on Google play store. Once the application has been downloaded, in fact, all you have to do is open it to obtain all the detailed information on the technical specifications of the smartphone.

processor z

How to free the RAM of an Android smartphone

After seeing the amount of RAM in your Android smartphone, did you realize that the memory needs to be optimized, but you don’t know where to start? I would like to inform you right away that freeing up the RAM memory is a really simple operation, since it involves setting up simple procedures. In this regard, at we have created a special guide where we show you how it is possible free up RAM memory on Android.

In general, to speed up your smartphone and free up RAM memory:

  • Decrease animations
  • Avoid using animated background
  • Do not abuse widget
  • In the case of smartphones with low RAM memory, favor the use of applications “quarrel“(Like, for example, Facebook Lite)
  • Pay close attention to open applications, because constantly closing apps can slow down your device
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