How to tell if your TV supports DVB-T2

The DVB-T2, or the new standard that Italy will adopt for watching TV channels, gets closer and closer; in fact this new standard will be available from 2022. Almost all viewers wonder if their television set, or their decoder, is compatible with this new standard.

To help you know if the TV needs to be changed or not, in this article we will explain to you how to know if the TV supports DVB-T2.

Find out if the TV supports DVB-T2

To help viewers to understand if your decoders and televisions are compatible with DVB-T2 or not, I am coming two dedicated test channels. These “signals” will be available on:

  • Mux Mediaset 4 to the channel 200
  • Mux 1 Rai to the channel 100

To receive these two new channels we advise you to perform full tuning of all frequencies. Once done, all you have to do is look for these two channels. In case your television or decoder receives such signals – and then a screen similar to the following will appear – then it will mean that the product used should not be replaced, as it is already compatible with the new standard.

How to tell if your TV supports DVB-T2
If this screen appears, your TV supports DVB-T2

If, on the contrary, such channels are not displayed, or if the message Number not available appears, so you will need to replace your product with one that supports DVB-T2. From 23 August 2021, it will be possible to request the famous TV Bonus € 100 thanks to which it will be possible to buy a new television set with a discount ranging from 20% up to a maximum of 100 euros. For all the details on this installation, we advise you to consult the article dedicated to TV Bonus € 100.

bonus television

In some cases the LCN numbers 100 and 200 may already be occupied other channels. In this case, once you’ve re-synced your TV or set-top box, it should alert you to the conflict and then let you choose which channel to watch in those locations.

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