In the market, there are several telemarketing companies that offer their services to people for them to enjoy a variety of benefits. However, they offer different charging processes. In the article that we are going to develop, we will talk specifically about how to spend a credit of the company Personal.

how to spend a credit

How to spend a loan?

At times the situation may arise, that more accreditation than we might need is done, in those cases what can we do. The article explains how to transfer excess credit from Personal company to other similar services for your convenience. In this sense, it should be mentioned that the company has a system, which allows the distribution of the excess amount of recharges, to other necessary payments.

We must remember that the Personal company is located in countries such as Argentina and Paraguay, being considered throughout South America as one of the most recognized, the above according to the service it offers to fairly modest amounts, which are up to a larger number of subscribers.

Switch the credit from Personal to Personal

From this point we will learn how to switch a credit from Personal to Personal. For the above purposes, it is necessary to begin by visualizing how to transmit the balance to another subscriber belonging to the telephone company. Regarding the procedure, it can be described in two ways to carry it out, which are simple and quick, namely:

Credit transmission by message

After carrying out the call procedure that we have determined in the previous paragraphs, the user will have the possibility to carry out the balance transfer from the personal phone. Then we will see how to do it by means of message, it should be noted that this form is one of the easiest to apply.

how to spend a credit

In order to apply such a process, as an important step is to do it from the cellular mobile equipment, for this a text message will be sent to 209; The sum to be paid will be added to it, as well as the telephone number of the beneficiary of the sum.

In the event that it is necessary to spend credit for a specified amount to one of the company’s subscribers Staff, this procedure must be carried out as follows: enter the person’s telephone number, followed by a period then the sum to to transfer.

Spend personal credit per call

As we have seen, the most used way of Recharge Delivery service is SMS or text message, however, it is not the only way to do it. Likewise, it can be done by phone call.

Through the call service, the same procedure must be carried out, with the difference that it will not be necessary to write anything but only to dial the number * 333 and once in this step there will be a waiting time for the operator’s indications. in order to inform you of the necessary data relating to the subscriber to whom the balance will pass and the sum will be transmitted.

cómo pasar crédito 4

Pass personal credit to other operators

In the event that you wish to pass the balance to a user of the Movistar or Claro lines, in the same way there is the possibility of applying the steps that we will see below:

Staff credit to Movistar

To be able to carry out the balance transfer to Movistar successfully, it will be enough to send an SMS or a text message, keeping in mind that the transmission of this one will be done to 944. In the text of the same, the number phone number will be placed at which accreditation will be carried out.

Once the number is placed, the amount to be transferred is entered. Regarding the process, it is quite similar to that performed for another user of the same company, with the only difference that it can be determined that it will be performed for another supplier.

Transfer the staff balance to the Claro company

In order to carry out this process, an SMS will be sent to the number 888, in the text the phone number of the company user will be added Sure, to which the transfer will be made, we will then place the amount of the top-up.

Likewise, in the case of both operators, there is also the possibility of carrying out the transfer process through a call. To do this, it will be sufficient to contact the staff by phone, via * 333 and this will give us clarification of the concerns that exist regarding the Recharge Delivery service.

Reload Delivery in Individual

It is important to mention that the credit transfer process in the company itself is called Personal Recharge Delivery; This advantage was initiated in order to benefit the number of subscribers, who use the service at any time in order to share the amount of the top-up with other users.

The steps to follow for a successful Personal Credit are quite simple. In the article that we are developing, we will see a few of them.

What is the procedure to follow before placing a loan?

In order to carry out the procedure of transferring credit to another telephone, it is necessary to first carry out a procedure by which the recharge service can be contracted, thus allowing individual users to activate it. , when they need it.

After explaining the above, we outline which two aspects will allow the service to be registered:

  • By invoice: in this case, to do this, the number * 111 must be dialed; In order to request the activation of the service for the credit pass to another user. After having done the above, it will be necessary to call * 333, later there will be a waiting period and follow the instructions, which will then be given by the operator; this way the activation process will be completed.
  • Alternative for prepaid phones: Regarding this procedure, you will have to make the call to the number * 152 and pay attention to the indications, because they will allow you to configure the password. The key should be four to six digits long.

cómo pasar crédito 5

Important aspects of using the services

When the respective benefit is used and the balance transfer is made, the expected amount should be clear, for this reason it is important to know the amount we have available, in order to avoid running out of sufficient amount to other daily use services.

It is important to mention that you can only make a transfer with a certain limit both daily and monthly, which is why you will need to make good use of the service, in order to get the most out of it.

It is very important that users use this function correctly and correctly, with the sole objective of avoiding any problems that may arise when transferring the amount. Likewise, it is necessary to know the exact amount requested by the other subscriber, because due to a mistake made, it can be transferred to an unknown person.

The vast majority of the service is selected by those subscribers who have canceled plans by card or invoice, the above due to the increase in commissions produced by both options, being possible their use.

Benefits of switching to personal credit

When using it, it is possible to have some advantages, one of them is that with this process the user’s account is kept in motion, which allows the service to be fully effective, thus avoiding the risk of its closure.

cómo pasar crédito 6

There is the possibility that some inconvenience may occur at the time of recharging, in the local or commercial office of the company where it is carried out. However, there are more positive aspects that the process involves, once it is used from the mobile equipment, being in the same way possible to carry out the procedure through a network.

Likewise, there is the possibility of carrying out such an activity around the clock, thus providing absolute comfort and ease to the user himself, allowing him to be able to count on the service in the event of an imbalance. , reliably, either for himself or for any other known or familiar person.


As we observed in the content of the article, the procedure of transferring credit from a cell phone to another computer is quite comfortable and easy, only the steps that have been described on this point need to be applied to get a successful procedure. .

Likewise, different forms of accreditation stand out for clients who have both lines of the company itself, as well as others like Movistar and Claro, whose procedure is quite similar to that carried out during the transfer. from Personal to Staff.


Another aspect to keep in mind is that you need to be sure of the full and exact amount that will be transferred to the other person, to avoid any errors or mistakes that lead to the amount being transferred to a totally different user, this would result in inconveniences both for the one who issues the balance and for the one who receives it.

Finally, we hope that the article has met the reader’s expectations and can serve as a method of consultation according to what is established here.

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