How to turn off Google Assistant on Android

Google Assistant is really handy, thanks to self-learning, with use, it becomes more and more intelligent day after day but sometimes it can be overwhelming and boring.

A little “everyone happened that the Google Assistant was activated, having wrongly perceived the command”OK Google», Even if we did not say it.
This often happens at the least auspicious times, with sometimes tragicomic consequences.
Therefore, there may be many reasons for wanting to turn off the Google Assistant, from a simple desire to further protect your privacy, to a desire not to be bothered by automatic activation.

In the second case, be aware that there is the possibility of disable automatic activation, without having to completely deactivate Google Assistant.

On Android, the assistant cannot be completely removed, because it is part of the Google app.
The latter is a system application, so it cannot be uninstalled or disabled. On ios the situation is different, because the Google application is a common program and therefore it can normally be uninstalled.

How to remove OK Google on Android

The automatic start of the Google voice assistant, when the smartphone thinks it receives commands “OK Google” And “Hi GoogleCan sometimes be considered annoying. So here’s how to turn off OK Google on Android smartphones, but continue to use the other assistant features at all times.

Disable the OK Google command

Here are the few simple steps to follow:

  • tap on the Google app to open it;
  • at the bottom of the interface press “Other“After that”Settings“;
  • then press “Voice“After that”Voice correspondence“;
  • finally, press the item “Hi Google“To turn it off.

A warning screen will inform us that orders “OK Google” And “Hi Google“Will remain active in specific applications, notably on Google Maps.

On Google Maps, voice commands are very comfortable, allowing us to interact with the phone while driving without having to touch it. If you want to turn it off as well, you need to do that directly from the Maps app settings.

Disable microphone access for the Google app

By removing Voice Match, the app should no longer bother you when you don’t want to, blocking access to the microphone may be unnecessary. Also because voice recognition can still be useful for quick voice search, when you press the appropriate key, moreover, the function that allows you to use the assistant to recognize music is also convenient.

In any case, if you want to disable access to the microphone of the Google app, all you have to do is:

  • go to “Settings“From your Android device then click on” Application management “;
  • then go to “Application permissions“After that”Microphone“;
  • finally select the application “Google“And make sure the switch next to the name is off.”

Disable Google voice assistant and all functions

If you are particularly concerned about privacy, you can choose a drastic solution, completely deactivate the Google Assistant.
Unfortunately, as of today, completely disabling Google Assistant is only possible on a number of devices.

Disable Google Assistant 2

To proceed with the complete deactivation of the Google Assistant, simply open the Google app, tap “Other“After that”Settings“.
In the menu “Settings“From the application choose”Google Assistant“, then scroll until you find the item and press”General“, finally press”Google Assistant“.
At this point a dialogue box will appear in which you need to press “Deactivate“.

It is also possible to remove only certain functions of the Google Assistant, like that “Discover“This allows you to have news always updated according to our interests, or”Recent Pages“Who keeps track of the last pages visited so that they can be quickly reopened.
You just have to go to the “Settings” menu of the Google app and then enter the “General“.

Prevent the assistant from opening by holding down the Home button for a long time

If you want to avoid the prolonged pressure of the “Home“Leads to opening Google Assistant, you need to remove it from default apps.”

To do it is simple, you just have to:

  • go to “Android Settings“;
  • Enter “Application management“And then in”Default application“;
  • then press “Assistance application“And choose another or tap the item”Nothing“.

For example, you can choose to replace the Google Assistant with Alexa, with which other devices in the house may have been configured.

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