How to unlock Custom Deliveries in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Personalized deliveries are an exclusive service for Final Fantasy XIV artisans and collectors, a service that can prove very useful for those who have spent time becoming disciples of the earth or of the hands. It’s a great way to earn extra Gils every week, but how can players unlock them?

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Players will need to reach Level 60 with the Craftsman or Collector class of their choice and complete the following objectives to unlock Custom Deliveries:

Research Required level NPC
Impenetrable flavors fifty Morgan
The better half fifty Servant of House Fortemps
Go west, craftsman 60 Lydirlona
Arms wide open 60 Geimlona
Information via the Final Fantasy wiki

Once these missions are completed, players can collect collectibles every week for NPCs in exchange for rewards. The more the players satisfy their customers, the higher their level of satisfaction. Each level of satisfaction comes with additional rewards. Players can increase customer satisfaction by making consecutive deliveries. Potential personalized delivery customers are listed below:

Customer Site
Zhloé Aliapoh Idyllshire (X: 4.6, Y: 6.7)
M’naago Rahz Rhalgr’s range (X: 14.6, Y: 9.4)
Kurenai The Ruby Sea (X: 28.5, Y: 15.2)
Adkiragh Idyllshire (X: 4.9; Y: 7.0)
Kai-shirr Eulmore (X: 12.3, Y: 9.9)
Ehll Tou The firmament (X: 14.4, Y: 12.6)
Charlemend The firmament (X: 11.0 Y: 14.5)
Information via the Final Fantasy wiki

Head to the Timers window on the main menu to check out these custom deliveries. Please visit Final Fantasy Wiki for a more detailed explanation of the system, as your help helped us break down the custom delivery mechanics.

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