How to unlock the Aithon mount in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Few mounts are as majestic and coveted as those found in the extreme trials of Final Fantasy XIV. These gorgeous mounts are famous for their fantastic design, and with enough work, anyone can unlock them.

Players must use Aithon’s whistle to unlock Aithon’s mount. Mount hunters can acquire this item from the Trial of A Realm Reborn, The bowl of embers (extreme). This is the more difficult variant of the Ifrit boss and will require players to coordinate with party members, so be prepared for a tough fight.

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Aithon’s Whistle is not a guaranteed drop and may require players to complete the trial multiple times before it spawns in treasure chests given out at the end of the Ifrit encounter. Each item that players have a chance to receive from treasure chests is listed below:

Item Item level Walking level
Hellish Defense Band 90 fifty
Infernal Slayer’s Headband 90 fifty
Inferno Bandle to aim 90 fifty
Hellish Ring of Casting 90 fifty
Infernal Headband of Healing 90 fifty
Infernal horn N / A N / A
Nightmare whistle N / A N / A
Aithon’s whistle N / A N / A
Faded copy of the primordial judgment N / A N / A
Information via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

The individual rewards for the Extreme Ifrit fight are also shown below:

  • 20 Allagan tomestone of poetics
  • Ifrit Card *
    • You must complete the Triple triad test previously.
    • It falls at a predetermined speed and is not protected.

When Aithon’s whistle drops, it will go to the in-game loot pool, meaning everyone will have to throw a lot for the item, and only one party member will get it when they appear.

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