How to unlock the Enbarr mount in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO that continues to captivate its audiences, and one way to do that is to provide the player base with exciting activities with valuable rewards once said reward is the Enbarr mount, a courier that cannot be obtained only by those who are prepared to face one of the most heartbreaking trials of a resurgent kingdom.

Players will need to use Enbarr’s whistle to acquire Enbarr’s mount. Players can purchase this item from The Whorleater (Extreme.) As the most difficult version of the Leviathan fight, this Trial is far more relentless than its predecessors. Beginner players will need patience and persistence to move forward.

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Enbarr’s whistle is not a guaranteed drop and may take multiple strokes during the test, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t appear after your first foray with this Primal. Each item that players can get from this trial is listed below:

Item Item level Walking level
Shamshir wave 95 fifty
Wave ax 95 fifty
Fussar of the waves 95 fifty
Wave harpoon 95 fifty
Wave legs 95 fifty
Wave katana 95 fifty
Kris Wave 95 fifty
Wavy knot 95 fifty
Wave carabiner 95 fifty
Wave rod 95 fifty
Spellbook wave 95 fifty
Wave Rapier 95 fifty
Wave staff 95 fifty
Codex of the Waves 95 fifty
Torquetum wave 95 fifty
Tidal wave shield 100 fifty
Tidal wave loop 100 fifty
Wave shield 95 fifty
Wave shield 95 fifty
Leviathan Point N / A N / A
Whorl tip N / A N / A
Spiral mirror N / A N / A
Enbarr’s whistle N / A N / A
Faded copy of the sailor’s wreck N / A N / A
Faded copy of Through the Maelstrom N / A N / A
Information via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

Users can find each of The Whorleater’s individual awards below:

  • 20 Allagan tomestone of poetics
  • Leviathan Card *
    • The Triple Triad test must be completed before attempting The Whorleater
    • The drop rate is fixed and does not change.

When Enbarr’s whistle falls, only one player will win. The item will go into the game’s loot pool, where each player can try their luck. Who gets the whistle depends on chance.

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