How to unlock the Gullfaxi mount in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Like most successful MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV offers a host of coveted mounts and couriers to unlock for gamers. One of those mounts that players can grab is the Gullfaxi, a bioluminescent stallion. But how do you get this beautiful beast for your picture frame collection?

To unlock the Gullfaxi mount, players must use the Gullfaxi whistle, which players can only get from The navel test (extreme). This is the most heartbreaking version of a fight with Titan, one of the game’s Primals. It will be a tough encounter, so find friends and be prepared to chat with others to coordinate a successful career.

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Gullfaxi’s Whistle is not a guaranteed drop from The Navel’s Extreme Trial, meaning players may need to complete the boss multiple times before the item spawns. It will occasionally appear in treasure chests after the boss is defeated, along with various other potential items. The possible rewards are listed below:

Item Item level Walking level
Earrings against defense tremors 90 fifty
Slaughter tremors earrings 90 fifty
Aiming for the tremors earrings 90 fifty
Casting Quake earrings 90 fifty
Healing Tremor earrings 90 fifty
Rock heart N / A N / A
Nightmare whistle N / A N / A
Gullfaxi whistle N / A N / A
Faded copy of Under the Weight N / A N / A
Information via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

The individual rewards for Extreme Titan combat are listed below:

  • 20 Allagan tomestone of poetics
  • Titan Card *
    • You must complete the Triple Trial Trial mission before playing The Navel (Extreme).
    • Not a guaranteed item – drop to a flat rate.

If Gullfaxi’s whistle drops, it will go to the item loot pool. Each player will have to throw a lot for the item, and those who need it will be selected at random. Who ends up with the article is random.

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