How to watch Sanditon season 3 online: Stream the final chapter of the PBS drama Masterpiece from anywhere

Watch Sanditon season 3 online

US viewers can watch Sanditon live on the PBS free-to-air channel or via the PBS website. Canadians must subscribe to the PBS Passport service, while in Australia new episodes air on the BBC First linear channel as well as streaming services such as Binge. ITV are yet to provide a UK release date. But if you’re looking to watch Sanditon while in another country, simply download a VPN.

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Grab a tissue because Sanditon’s third season will be the last of this achingly romantic period drama. Based on Jane Austen’s last unfinished novel, of which only a dozen chapters were written before her death in 1817, Andrew Davies – the writer behind the iconic BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice – has delved into the story of the lively seaside city of Sanditon and its citizens.

After a chance meeting brings Charlotte (Rose Williams) into the orbit of entrepreneurial Tom Parker (Kris Marshall), she is invited to stay in the town of Sanditon. Seeking adventure, she becomes familiar with its inhabitants, learns about their scandalous past, and navigates more than a few swoon-worthy romances.

“I’ll never fall in love. Sounds like a beastly deal,” observes a young Leo in the final season trailer. Indeed, matters of the heart are once again the main source of conflict.

A lavish birthday party for Georgina (Crystal Clarke) sees Charlotte return to Sanditon, arm in arm with new boyfriend Ralph (Cai Brigden). Yet she is clearly more in love with the taciturn Alexander (Ben Lloyd-Hughes). But will she let her know that she feels the same before it’s too late?

Let’s just hope for an Austen-esque happy ending and that we see Charlotte and Alexander waltz together into the sunset.

Want to see how it ends? Our guide below explains how to watch Sanditon Season 3 online and enjoy a FREE stream of the latest season from anywhere.

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How to watch Sanditon season 3 online for FREE in USA

How to watch Sanditon season 3 online from abroad

If you’re overseas when Sanditon season 3 airs, you’ll find you won’t be able to keep up with all the drama due to pesky regional restrictions.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix. Downloading a VPN service will allow you to stream Sanditon Season 3 online from anywhere. It’s simple software that changes your IP address, which means you can access on-demand content or live TV just like you’re at home.

Use a VPN to watch Sanditon season 3 from abroad

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