How to watch Strictly Come Dancing Final 2022 online from anywhere

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How to watch Strictly Come Dancing Final 2022: preview

This year has seen the return of Strictly Come Dancing to its glitter-filled best. The live audience filled the seats, the other contestants brushed past each other and we returned to the famous Blackpool Ballroom. With just a whisper from Kim Marsh testing positive for Covid, Tess and Claudia brought us home to the comfort of wintry Saturday night television. Now down to our final four couples, find out how to watch Strictly Come Dancing: The Final 2022 live online and see who will lift the Strictly Glitter Ball.

Three dances apiece remain between our final four couples and the coveted Glitter Ball. Fleur and Veto, Helen and Gorka, Molly and Carlos, Hamza and Jowita will each perform a dance chosen by the judges, their favorite dance of the season and an explosive Showdance.

Fleur and Vito are the only couple to score a perfect 40 for their megamix Couple’s Choice in Destiny’s Child, which they chose to perform again in tonight’s finale.

However, there were plenty of 10-point paddles elsewhere for our other finalists. Wildlife playmaker Hamza scored 39 points for both Charleston and Salsa. Tonight will see the return of her Salsa on the song ‘Ecuador’, as well as her Couple’s Choice with Jowita which takes inspiration from the Afrobeats and her legacy.

Helen and Gorka are the other couple to bring back their choice of duo from music week, while children’s TV presenter Molly Rainford and her partner Carlos Gu have chosen to bring back their sultry Rumba to the Strictly ballroom.

Make sure you’re in front of a screen this Saturday night and know how to watch the Strictly Come Dancing finale online from anywhere with our guide below.

Strictly final dances and songs

The choice of the judge

  • Fleur and Vito – Samba to Hot Hot Hot by Arrow
  • Helen and Gorka – Jive to Tightrope by Janelle Monáe
  • Molly and Carlos – Beyoncé’s Quickstep to Love on Top
  • Hamza and Jowita – Ecuador Salsa by Sash! business. Rodríguez

The couple’s favorite dance:

  • Fleur and Vito – Pick of the couple at the Destiny’s Child megamix
  • Helen and Gorka – Choice Couple in Cabaret’s Mein Herr
  • Molly and Carlos – Rumba to All the Man I Need by Whitney Houston
  • Hamza and Jowita – Couple’s Choice to Jerusalema Remix by Master KG feat. Burna Boy and Nomcebo Zikode

Dance show

  • Fleur and Vito To Find Me by Sigma feat. Bird
  • Helen and Gorka to Shine by Emeli Sandé
  • Molly and Carlos kissing/1999 by Prince
  • Hamza and Jowita for Irving Berlin’s Let’s Face the Music and Dance

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How to watch Strictly Come Dancing Final online for FREE in the UK

How to watch Strictly Come Dancing online abroad

For anyone abroad right now who still wants to experience the glitz and glam of Strictly, you may struggle outside the UK. But don’t let geo-restrictions stand between you and your weekly fix of ballroom dancing.

Simply download and install a VPN on your device to watch Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC iPlayer from anywhere. A VPN effectively tricks your device into thinking it is in another location by changing the IP address to another part of the world.

Three easy steps to using a VPN to watch Strictly Come Dancing

1. Download and install a VPN – we recommend ExpressVPN

2. Connect to the relevant server location – launch the VPN app, click “choose location” and select the correct location, e.g. UK for iPlayer

3. Go to the live stream of the chosen broadcaster – in this case, go to BBC iPlayer (opens in a new tab)