HUAWEI AppGallery is better than you think! Here’s how it works today

The latest HUAWEI smartphones use the EMUI operating system, a fork of Android without Google services. It is a choice forced by the American ban on the Chinese company, but not a palliative: AppGallery and HUAWEI Mobile Services are certainly not new due to Trump government decisions, but these are realities that have already existed for a long time. Suffice it to say that HUAWEI has always sold its smartphones without Google services in some of the most important markets, including China.

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HUAWEI’s work was therefore based on transferring a modus operandi to Western markets that it was already applying in the motherland, balancing its characteristics according to the needs of different countries. In Italy, for example, the Chinese manufacturer has always been very strong in terms of sales and has committed itself to AppGallery implementing all the best applications in-house among those already available on Android. In the first days since Trump’s ban, we saw, for example, some shortcomings of banking apps, but to date the sacrifices imposed are very few, if not completely absent, for the vast majority of users. In short, AppGallery can compete without fear with the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, both in terms of the number and quality of the applications present.

Not only, AppGallery today represents the meeting point between all the devices sold by the manufacturer, an obvious added value within a user experience that wants to be unambiguous, and not frayed between the different devices. In fact, HUAWEI is no longer a name present only in the field of smartphones or tablets, but also sells laptops, wearables of all kinds, audio devices and much more, without forgetting the various software services such as cloud storage or media streaming. AppGallery therefore a constant presence in the HUAWEI ecosystem, as well as a simple ever-evolving store.

AppGallery, the HUAWEI ecosystem and some numbers

AppGallery on third app store in the world. Not only does it come pre-installed on all smartphones and tablets sold by HUAWEI, but it can also be used on Android devices as an alternative to the Google Play Store or other third-party marketplaces. Why do it? For example, if you use wearable devices such as the HUAWEI Watch GT 3 or the Watch Fit, or even the Band 6, it may be convenient to install the store in addition to the Huawei Mobile Services, which has all the necessary tools to make HUAWEI ecosystem devices.

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HMS core instead a platform that allows you to integrate applications on different devices, and also plays a fundamental role in the HUAWEI’s strategy called 1+8+N, which precisely concerns the consolidation of the proprietary ecosystem. Relying on software technologies built on years of experience, Huawei is on a mission to create an innovative and open application distribution platform that is accessible to consumers while rigorously protecting the privacy and security of users. users. Aspect, the latter, that not all mobile platforms are able to guarantee.

Developers and realities who choose to make their apps available on App Gallery they also benefit from the full support of dedicated teams: all applications that reach the store are verified and passed four levels of security before being published and then made available to end users.

App Gallery available in more than 170 countries and regions, now has 120,000 applications integrated in HMS Core, more than 12,000 apps launched in Italy alone, 4.5 million registered developers, 384.4 billion downloads worldwide in 2020 alone, with a global audience of 550 million monthly active users and over 42 million in Europe alone. HUAWEI has collaborated globally and locally with developers to make the app proposition robust not only for large international services (e.g. social media apps or audio-video streaming apps, navigation services), but also for local realities related, for example, to purchases, services and especially banks.

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It is precisely this last aspect that caused some concern in our country, immediately after the application of Trump’s ban. However, to date, the situation has completely reversed among the banking applications used in Italy and present on the AppGallery, we can mention the following:

Agos, Banca dAlba Mobile, Banca Generali, Banca Reale, Banca Sella, Bancaperta, Bancomat Pay, BPER Smart Mobile Banking, BPM, BuddyBank, Connecta, Open, Findomestic, Fineco, Genertel, Hype, Illimity, Inbank, INPS Intesa Sanpaolo, IWBank , Mediolanum, Mobile Banking UniCredit, MyCartaBCC, MyGenerali, Nexi Pay, NoiPA, RelaxBanking Mobile, Satispay, Sella, Tinaba, UBI Banca, Ubi Banca, Webank, Widiba, YAP, YouApp.

These applications are not only available on the AppGallery, but have been developed using HMS Core and are therefore fully integrated into the ecosystem in all their functions. In other words work as native apps on HUAWEI devicesproviding the user with a smooth and seamless experience no matter what device they are using at any given time.

AppGallery also offers different entertainment solutions, with applications dedicated to the most used services in Italy. Inevitable for example RaiPlay, RaiNews and RaiPlay Radio, or Mediaset Play and SportMediaset. In the HUAWEI app market we also find Sky Go, Boing, CHILI, Infinity, or even apps related to the world of news such as Corriere della Sera, and TGCOM24. Among the services most used by Italians there are also those of food and food deliverywith AppGallery offering a wide choice: Burger King Italia, Dominos Pizza, Foodora, Giallo Zafferano, Roadhouse, Glovo, Just Eat, Old Wild West, Tannico and The Fork, are just some of the solutions available.

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The most popular e-commerce applications are also native to the AppGallery (Amazon, Aliexpress, Coin, Euronics, MediaWorld,, Unieuro, Zara are all present), and there are also mobile applications, such as Airbnb, Alitalia, HELBIZ, Italo, or Trenitalia. In short, it is unlikely that a widespread service in Italy will not be present on the AppGallery.

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With AppGallery and HMS HUAWEI offers a whole range of services which complete the user experience with the various compatible devices.

  • HUAWEI Wizard an assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence that offers at a glance all the information possible to face the day. For example, news, weather, traffic conditions and much more.
  • HUAWEI Music offers a library of 70 million music tracks, always available, even on the go, if you are connected to the internet. HUAWEI Videos instead, a platform that allows you to watch movies, documentaries, TV series, sports, funny clips and videos and much more at any time, also in this case in streaming. Analogous speech with HUAWEI Playerwhich instead allows you to download and read books.
  • HUAWEI Health also an assistant, but linked to the world of physical well-being and health. In the app, you can monitor all metrics collected with the company’s wearable devices, such as body temperature, heart rate, sleep and more. The app also includes tips and advice on physical activities, improving the quality of life of those who use it.
  • HUAWEI Browser the proprietary software, secure and optimized for company devices, for simple and secure online browsing.
  • HUAWEI Cloud the cloud storage service, in order to save all the files that interest us in the cloud and always have them at hand wherever we go.
  • Petal Cards an excellent satellite navigation service, while Petal search the built-in search engine on all HUAWEI smartphones that allows you to know any information by searching online, or even applications and services available for your device.

Christmas promotions on AppGallery

One of the unique features of HUAWEI is often to offer its users the opportunity to save money through promotions and offers, both on their devices and on their services. Its own app store is no exception, in which the new one has just been inaugurated Christmas campaign by App Gallery.

AppGallery Promotions

enough to participate access advent calendar available on the shop and complete the daily challenge. Once the challenge is completed, you will be able to redeem the reindeer, which are used to open your gift package which may also contain some of the devices produced by the company. Also, the more you share, the more your chances of winning increase since an additional reindeer is provided for each part. The campaign will end on December 25.

Those who feel lucky can also participate in the christmas raffle once the selected applications have been downloaded. Of these, some Huawei owners allow you to get additional extra reindeer. This campaign will end on January 6, since until that date it will be possible to access the advent calendar to collect the challenges of the previous days.

Many prizes are also up for grabs until January 6 in the Style, Cinema, Sport and Technology categories.

  • Style: Coupon of 300 euros to buy designer items and items from fashion, luxury and design brands available on the platform Yoox and 20% discount on a minimum purchase of 100 euros.
  • Movie theater: AppGallery rewards moviegoers with gift cards for 30 free admissions to multiplex cinemas on the circuit space cinema.
  • sport: by participating in the AppGallery Christmas campaign, you can receive a free six-month subscription as a gift DAZN.
  • Technology: to win 50 euro coupons to organize your trip on Oh my. The lucky ones will also be able to put devices like the new one under the tree HUAWEI nova 9 and the tablet HUAWEI Matepad 11.

For HUAWEI AppGallery Christmas Campaign rules, check this connections.