Hyper Scape is running out, Ubisoft’s battle royale fails

ubisoft decide to unplug Hyper Scapehis free to play battle royale launched in August 2020. After a short period in beta on PC, the game was met with mixed reception from both critics and audiences. The French publisher, less than three months later, said they would heavily revamp the title to allow it to reach its full potential.

hyperscape 720

Development on it almost immediately halted, considering the last season of Hyper Scape content, Season 3, arrived in March 2021 and since then the title has only been updated. once, stopping at version 3.1 a month later. The official Twitter account also stopped advertising the game in June last year.

Obviously, at Ubisoft, they had sensed that the game wouldn’t have a “Fortnite-style” happy ending and so they decided to send him into early retirement. “We have made the difficult decision to complete development of Hyper Scape and shut down the game effective April 28.. [] We are extremely grateful to our community for joining us on this journey. We will translate the lessons learned from this game into future products.”

The failure of Hyper Scape does not seem to have dented Ubisoft’s desire to create a successful battle royale. The company wants to try it with Ghost Recon Frontline, but also The Division Heartland: be able to replicate the success of some illustrious competitors? Posterity will judge.