“I” got tired, Xiaomi says goodbye to the historical nomenclature

Xiaomi has now passed the 10-year mark of its foundation and is poised to revolutionize another aspect of its marketing strategy after the (not exactly epoch) logo change that took place just a few months ago.

Xiaomi red X logo

Xiaomi has become the world’s leading smartphone maker. It did so thanks to the success of its terminals characterized by a quality / price ratio very often unbeatable, with a corporate policy that has always convinced the most avid fans and riding the wave caused by the fall of Huawei due to the various bans imposed by the United States.

Not only smartphones, Xiaomi is also strongly committed to the world of smart home, IoT but also the most classic products (tech and others) that are present in most homes, for example electric toothbrushes , scales, towels, ballpoint pens, etc. And so on. Especially in his country of origin, Xiaomi is now a real colossus.

Since the launch of the brand’s first smartphone, which took place on August 16, 2011, the vast majority of products have been characterized by the nomenclature “Me“Inserted between”Xiaomi“And the real name of the model in question, for example Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. This applies not only to smartphones, but also to tablets and other company products.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4

However, Xiaomi is ready to make a big change: he wants delete “Mi” from the names of future products. This rebranding started with the recent Xiaomi MIX 4 smartphone, and a company representative confirmed to colleagues from XDA Developers that all future products will follow.

A change of era which was perhaps due, above all, to simplify the lives of users who do not yet know the brand very well and who certainly do not know its history.

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