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What is the SI / SI function for

This function in Excel is part of the body of logical functions. Where it aims to buy the fulfillment of a condition and returns a value if it evaluates as “TRUE” and another evaluation if it evaluates as “FALSE”.

This function helps you very well to make the right decision according to the result obtained during a “Logic Test”. Where the IF function can provide 02 results; being the result number 01 if this comparison is “TRUE” and the result 02 if this comparison is “FALSE”.

How to use SI / IF

To use the IF function; this formula must be made = (condition; YES; NO) in the desired cell, as well as the values ​​to compare. Another way is to locate the auto sum option in the top row of Excel and click YES.

Syntax of IF function in Excel
IF function in Excel

Don’t forget that you can find out more about the SI / SI function on this site recommended by us just here

SI / IF syntax

As good as SI logic test; You can also specify the values ​​to return based on what results from the function.

Where we have the following arguments in its syntax:

Logic_test: Logical expression which is valued to know if the results are “TRUE” or “FALSE”. This argument is required.

Value_if_true: The value that is restored if the result of the logic test is “TRUE”. This argument is optional.

Value_if_false: if the result of the valuation is “FALSE”; then it is the value which is restored. Y is an optional argument.

The Value_if_true and Value_if_false proofs can be sequences of text, references, numbers to a different cell or even another function in Excel. These are performed according to the evaluation of the logic test.

Examples of Si / SI

In this example, we have a list of the class participants and their corresponding grades in column “B”; With the use of this function, a text “APPROVED” will be extended if the participant’s mark is greater than or similar to sixty and a text “FAIL” if the mark is lower than sixty.

Here we will apply this function: = YES (B2> = 60, “APPROVED”, “FAILED”) have this result:

Image result for the excel function if