Iliad and Vodafone together in Italy? Rumors speak of negotiations. What’s going to happen ?

Vodafone and Iliad together in Italy? For now it’s just ”chatter” but in fact what Reuters reports has very high potential which, if true, could lead to a record union with a deal capable of creating a telecommunications giant with a a mobile penetration of 36% and even combined revenues of almost 6 billion euros.

Iliad and Vodafone: a giant with 6 billion euros in turnover

So far these are just rumors. Reuters but which in fact are also linked to the debut that Iliad is about to make, tomorrow again in Italy on the fixed line. Clearly no comments were received from either Iliad or sVodafone but in fact we recall that a few weeks ago, CEO Iliad Benedetto Levi, defined his company as “open” also to purchase or merger with a competing operator.

“If any of the main operators, in whole or in part, becomes available on the market, we will evaluate all options without any preconceived ideas, also in terms of mergers and acquisitions.” said CEO Benedetto Levi.


News of the possible merger with Iliad comes as on Vodafone there are other rumors which concern the analysis which would also be the analysis of other movements for a greater concentration of the sector at the continental level. The group led by Nick Read has reopened the fileThree United Kingdomthe British mobile phone company controlled by CK Hutchinson, after last year’s failed attempt.

This operation has been talked about for years, also considering that Vodafone and Ck Hutchinson have collaborated in other countries such as Australia, where Vha (Vodafone Hutchinson Australia) then changed hands and merged with Tpg Telecom in 2020 after local authorities start free. On the other hand, operations in the United Kingdom are more difficult, where in 2016 the regulator Ofcom with the European Union put a brake on the work of Three UK, which wanted to buy the rival 02 UK from Telefonica.