Incentive electric car, there is still hope for 2022. 450 million euros at stake

On December 31, 2021, the incentives for the automotive sector, but the allocated sums had already been exhausted a few weeks earlier. The market has therefore been on its feet for a few months (and on the finalization of previous orders) and the Italian government has not released new funds under the new finance law, as it has repeatedly claimed. want to do it.

The many appeals from industrialists, associations and favorable political parties now seem to have had some effect, since for the past few days the corridors of Parliament the incentives are relevant again. At first it looked like the issue could be included in the ter support decree, which it didn’t, prioritizing expensive bills and refreshments for businesses struggling due to covid.


There are several sources that give the sum of as almost certain 450 million euros, which the executive would like to offer as a new incentive fund, but again not just for electric cars. Considering that these are only rumors for the moment, it is not known what the final decision could be, nor the subdivisions of the funds. The scenario of is described as very close to the previous one, with preferred electric and plug-in hybridsbut with smaller sums also in favor of endothermic cars up to a certain limit of polluting emissions. An anachronistic choice, but often necessary in our country to bring all the political forces and industrial representatives into agreement.

Just as we are not sure of the figures involved, we are also not sure if the old price limit will be confirmed, 50,000 euros excluding VAT, a threshold that has been criticized several times because it is considered too “for the rich”, and therefore, according to some, contrary to the philosophy of incentives. In the meantime, the incentives for electric motorcycles and electric scooters have instead been shared, with the funds that had already been allocated with the previous measures.